Saturday, 17 September 2011

Review of 12th - 16th september

This week has been busy and fantastic!

We started the week off with an excursion to Blackbutt Reserve. I had organised a bat experience (flying fox), sensory box experience and they added a koala encounter. It was all very exciting and a wonderful day.

We had been studying the life of bats during this term adn what better way to finish off a unit of bats than to walk straight through their territory!!

The bats are not used to visitors as the rangers don't usually get requests for a walk through their territory. But what an experience! The bats were not happy about their intruders and most woke up, strated squeaking and flying around. Lots of us at this point were walking on a carpet of bat poo and covering our heads to prevent us from becoming targets of more poo!!! But despite the poo, it was wonderful seeing these animals up close, in their natural habitat.

After our adventure to bat land ;), the rangers had organised a sensory activity for the kids. The rangers produced 4 large wooden boxes and the kids were required to not peek!!!, and to put their hand through the hole in the top to feel what was inside! Once the kids got to the second box some of them freaked out! Because inside the second box was something spikey!! And it moved! Adele was particularly put off by this box!! And had to find some courage to continue on :) In this scary box there was a frilled neck lizard! But the other boxes were less scary with cotton wool and sand paper leaves, but one was gross with meal worms!!

The koala encounter was a welcomed surprise! We met the koala in an enclosure and were all able to touch her. It was very cute!

Damon as usual took 100's of photos of nature. And I have included some of these below.

On tuesday we did manage to finish off unit 4 of Preparing from Heart of Dakota. This finished us off for the term, as we are going away to Melbourne next week. This week the kids were very excited about science as they had to create cactuses with playdough and use toothpicks as needles.

I quickly made some green playdough that morning, but unfortunately it was quite dry and not the best to work with! But anyhow the kids did a great job :) Their science experiment was to discover how cactuses stay cool in the sun. The kids used a torch, shining it on the cactus and observed the way the needles shaded the cactus in the sun. They really enjoyed this activity.

Thanks to a wonderful mum on the HOD message board, I took her idea and printed up a science experiment sheet for the kids to use. One it looked better and the kids had something to follow.

The kids used this sheet to record their results and drawing the procedure. I really like the way that Hod science is so hands on, and with interesting books to read each week. The book they are reading along with this unit is One Small square: Cactus Desert. It is colourful and full of interesting information taken from one small square of the Cactus desert.

We are hoping next term to create a cactus garden in our hot spot out the front, when we continue on with this topic :)

Avril continued to review Aa. She did an activity using a sheet with A a on it. She moulded our dry playdough into the shape of the letters on the sheet of paper.

Next day was our first relaxing day of no book work. So we decided to visit the local park when it would be quiet, so it would be easier to watch all 4 of my kids, rather than panic about where they were.

We had a lovely day out. We enjoyed a chip picnic togther. The kids all played really nicely together and thoroughly enjoyed each others company.

The kids enjoyed the swings and the flying fox.

We then gathered our scooters and headed to the bike track. This is the first time Josef was able to join in this activity, so I mangaged to get some cross stitch done!! It was really cute watching Josef and the kids ride. They stopped off at the petrol station to fill up and then continued on their way :)

Thursday is Playgroup day :) All the kids love visiting playgroup. The big kids enjoyed mothering the little kids and the small ones enjoy the program.

The program at playgroup is musical, we dance, sing and play musical instruments. And this term each family has brought in their favourite story book to share with the group. It has been a lovely activity.

This thursday was a sad day for my husband as he farewelled one of his friends after they suffered a heart attack earlier in the week :(. The kids and I travelled to Stroud with my husband, but we didn't attend the funeral. We headed for the park. And it was a great opportunity to yet again farewell my mum before she heads to Melbourne :(.

Since homeschooling my kids have started to play better. They are less bored, less reliant on t.v. and get along better mostly! This week spent in two parks has been a delight for me to see how they use their imaginations to play, how they cooperate in play and just seeing them immersed in play activities. And I have loved being a part of their play.

Friday was a busy day - Sports Carnival Day!! What a wonderful, busy but delightful day. It was really relaxing, friendly and everyone had a turn at the events, mum, big kids and litties!! There is no photographic evidence but I ran the 200m with Avril (4)!! And we made it without stopping, what an achievement!! lol

The tiny tots, anyone up to 5 years, had an area where they had races and activities organised. Josef and Avril were thrilled to participate, even if Josef was upset when he couldn't steal the bean bags needed for the race!! lol. It was lovely seeing all the mums get in and help organise these events.

Adele was in the under 7's. They started with long jump, moving onto high jump, there was fun events, tug o war and lots of running races. Adele even attempted the 1500m race!! And she almost finished :) Adele gave everything a go yesterday - well done Adele!

Damon started in under 11's and then I think he swapped down to under 10's!! But anyhow Damon picked up lots of ribbons all his races and events yesterday!! He even took time out to encourage and help with some younger age groups. Well done Damon!! Damon participated in most events yesterday, especially the running races.

It was a huge day and by the end of it Josef was so tired I thought he would fall asleep standing up !! lol. but the big kids had one last bit of energy that they used up in the minty and spoon race.

Like I said a busy week but thoroughly enjoyable.