Sunday, 30 December 2012

Yengo National Park

It was great having Derek home with us for longer than a few hours!! Work had been really busy and we had not seen very much of him lately. So we grabbed the first opportunity we had to go out for a trip as a family. So we all got our best hiking gear on!! LOL

We decided to head out towards Wollombi, into the bush, for a family exploration! I love being out in the bush, among all the trees and wildlife. 
(Yengo National Park)
On this particular day we didn't see much wildlife, but we did drive to the top of the mountain to Finchley on dirt roads surrounded by trees and the calls of native birds and the buzz of cicadas.

This is a Rainbow bee Eater that we did spot! Damon was very excited by his discovery.

The kids were thrilled by the many caves we saw sitting deeply in the rocks as we passed. We imagined how they could be used for shelter in the past and what fun we could have with them if they were on our property.   Also we wondered what we might find in them if we were able to explore one!

 And we did get to explore one we passed on the road. It was a shallow cave but still very exciting for the kids.

The kids got a thrill from trying to climb the steep slope up into the cave. It really was a challenge as the slopes were very slippery. Derek managed to climb up further than all of us, but he ended up having to slide back down on his bottom!!

The rest of us made it a little way!
The boys were a little disappointed because there was a giant nest up on a ledge in the cave. The boys speculated that it could have been an eagle, hawk or a falcon!

Up at Finchley camping ground we had a quick picnic..

Chased Damon with sticks!!! Well Josef did! LOL

Used our sticks more constructively, to draw pictures in the dry earth...

Damon checked out the birds with his binoculars...

And we took a look at the Aboriginal cultural walk...

Can you spot the well camouflaged grasshopper??

Then it was Josef's turn to explore with the binoculars!!

A great family day out in the bush, just exploring and enjoying each other.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hooray!! A routine is beginning to take shape!!

I have at last become organised enough to get activities organised for all of the kids. Since we moved I have been determined to get back into routine and only this week is it taking shape!

We are using God's Little Explorers on Motherhood on a dime.

We have begun making our creation collages on contact. Eventually it will all come together in a Creation book.

Day 1 and 2: Heavens and Earth,  divided the water and sky.

Avril took advantage of the water colours being out and decided to keep creating!!

We also looked at seeds this week. Here are the kids decorating their bags, where they will keep some seeds damp and in a dark cupboard for a few days. Then we will see if they sprout.

We read a book about planting a garden...

Avril continued on with her art ...

And reading...

Adele was a great big sister this week, reading the creation story to the kids :)

Fish faces (an activity from the bible story)...

The kids also created more pages for their books - Day 3 - He created Land, Plants and trees. They went gathering items and dirt from the garden.

Day 4: He created the Sun, Moon and Stars...

And then it rained!! Off they ran out into the garden!!

Avril used pasta as counters for her math...if I have this many more do I need to make ..

And then we played a math game..using pasta again...

Then we created a dog out of paper...

Then I asked Avril to draw me a picture to show me what plants need to grow...