Friday, 6 May 2011

2011! A New Adventure!!

Well we did!! We have withdrawn the kids from school and now they are home! The first term was very nerve racking and I found that I was having an internal tug of war with myself! I have primary teacher training so it was the teacher in me and the mother in me at tug of war. The teacher wanted to do 'school' and the mother wanted to find a more relaxed and gentle approach to school. And even now into term 2 I think in some ways this tug of war continues and I am hoping the mum side of me wins through! lol

Term 1 was a wonderful experience though. Our triumphs were:
* We can spend more time as a family and we can train them up in the Lord.
* Life is more relaxed.
* We have met many wonderful homeschool families.
* discipline issues are now easier to handle.
*The kids are playing together nicely and enjoying each other.
* My kids have unleashed their adventurous spirits, discovering tree climbing and are more confident to try new things.
* One of my children used to struggle with anxieties about a lot of things and these anxieties have either disappeared or minimised! Yay!
* Handwriting has improved.
* My daughter is able to read, think and do her work, instead of waiting to be spoon fed.
* I have started to fill gaps in their education!
* Their ability to retain information and concentrate has increased.
* They are enjoying learning.

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