Thursday, 25 April 2013

Holidays are for taking it easy together!!

This is a very visual post of what we have been up to over the past 3 weeks!! We have enjoyed slowing down our pace and rethinking next term.

A balancing game...

I set up a balancing game for the littlies and much to my surprise it entertained all of them! especially when Josef turned out to be best at throwing the ball into the bucket!

If they missed they had to try again from where it fell..

 Our last week of term our friends visited to share an activity...paper baskets!

 Damon has been very enthusiastically, planning trips overseas!! He is researching aeroplanes, costs and itineries!! He is trying to talk us into saving for one to Europe!

 Op shopping was fun this holidays!! We picked up a marble run, jigsaws and a car mat for Josef! We were thrilled with our bargains!

 Avril's Birthday!! 
 Avril turned 6 this holidays!! She decided that an under the sea party would be fun! So we started to make decorations!

 Our guests were sent home with buckets full of surprises!

 And of course there was cake! Avril chose a blue star fish!!

 Avril surprised us all dressed as seaweed! And enjoyed receiving her presents.

 We decorated the outside with an under the sea theme!

The kids all made jelly fish..

 Avril blew out her candles...

Then it was time for food! Blue ocean punch!!

Parasol cupcakes!

 Then it was time to get wet!! Well that wasn't the plan, but it is sure what happened :)

A very innocent game of toss the water bomb at the clown, was crashed by a crazy mum, who decided it needed more excitement!! 

The clown was no longer the target!! But me!!

Followed by a game of What's the Time Mr. Jellyfish!!!

And Pin the Tail on EEyore - he was visiting the ocean for the day!!

It was a fun morning for us all celebrating Avril's 6th birthday!!

Steamfest: Each year our local town throws a special time of celebrating steam trains. Each year there are lots to explore and a race to look forward to, between a plane and a steam train! And every year we find ourselves heading there!

And across at the local park, the vintage car enthusiasts gather. So we always head over and check it out!

Of course the girls love all cars pink!! And why not!

And Josef likes anything with a special 'fast' stripe splattered across its side!

Always a great weekend!

The kids and I have been enjoying each other at home!

Adele made herself a bow and arrow, that actually worked!

We dabbled in some art!! Vincent Van Gogh being our first attempt!

 We read some fantastic books from the library! Josef loves Green Eggs and Ham! We have never really read much Dr. Seuss! And Avril surprised me by picking a book about May Gibbs life! It turns out that Adele has a love of history, through living books!

We have also been watching a series called Step back In Time, which has us all fascinated! It is set back in England and for each era, they send in several families who get to really live it!

And I am very excited because one of my friends has taught me to make soap! And it has worked! Now just to wait whilst it hardens up so we can use it!

It certainly has been a refreshing 3 weeks, that we all needed! It has been a great time to get refocused on what really matters! But my next post will explain all of that!

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