Friday, 18 January 2013

New Year..New Plan...

I am very excited this year as Damon joins us homeschooling for 2013. He had a great year at school, fulfilling some of the things that he felt that he needed. One of these things was to be a buddy to a Kindergartener. Thankfully a new family moved to the school when Damon returned in term 2 last year, so this meant that this little girl became his buddy for the rest of the year. Damon loved it!

Avril will also be a less casual homeschooler this year as she picks up some of her own work and joins her sister in some unit studies.

This will be our third year homeschooling. I couldn't imagine it any other way. I love that my children are at home learning and that I am part of that adventure. I love that I am at their excursions and activities, also that I can pick and choose what these experiences are. I love that when they make a new friend, we all do! Homeschooling is a really great lifestyle for us :)

I have today purchased this years books and wanted to share my plan for 2013:

Avril 5 years old (very soon 6):

Maths - Math U See Primer

Language Arts and Phonics - Learning Language Arts Through Literature (blue)

Charcter Studies/ PDHPE: A Childs' Book of Character Building
A Child's Book of Character Building

Adele 9 years old:

Maths - Math U See BETA and GAMMA

Language Arts - Learning Language Arts Through Literature (Orange Book)
Student Activity Book the Orange BookThe Sign of the BeaverThe Boxcar ChildrenBenjamin Franklin, Young Printer Wilbur and Orville Wright, Young Fliers

PDHPE/Character Studies - The Young Peacemaker

The Young Peacemaker Set

The girls together - 

Konos Volume 1 - 2 years of Unit Study for Kindergarten to year 8, Bible and Character focused. (There are three Volumes)

Pearables Home Economics for Homeschoolers - Cooking, hospitality, sewing, Home duties.

Home Economics for Homeschoolers Level 2

Damon 12 years Old:

Math U See -  Gamma and Delta

Language Arts: Language Lessons from Australian History Book 3

Konos Volume 1 Unit Studies

Around the World in 180 Days - Geography and History of the World (plus Damon is going to add some cooking adventures).
Around the World in 180 Days: Student Workbook

Character/PDHPE - Boyhood and Beyond
Boyhood and Beyond

Other Language - Rosetta Stone Greek level 1

Rosetta Stone Greek Level 1 with Audio Companion Homeschool Edition, Version 3  -

Damon will be doing a unit on careers (future),so I have purchased this book for him to read - Career Ideas For kids who like Animals and Nature. (There are other books in this series for other careers)

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