Sunday, 27 January 2013

What we have been up to!!

I thought I would write a post on some of things that our family has been up to over the summer...

A trip to Stockton Beach...

It was a gorgeous day for a trip to the beach. The kids were thrilled! we spent much of our time in the water, jumping waves and finding live shells to watch burying themselves. Then we headed off for a walk in search of some interesting shells.

Adele made shell necklaces out of her finds.
Morpeth Common

Another stinking hot day!! So we headed off for a walk and explore around Morpeth common.

 The kids spent time feeding the ducks from the bridge over the lake. And then we headed off for our walk.

Derek played piggy back with the boys!! But Josef was the one most piggy backed!

 Josef and Avril took turns using the camera during our explorations...

Here are a couple of Josef's shots!

 Activities at Home...

 The girls made sock dolls...

We cooled off after a long hot day... (well Derek cooled off the kids)!!

 Wildlife encounters :)...

It was a hot day and Derek was hosing his car, when a butterfly decided that he needed cooling off, so he hovered over the bonnet of the car! Avril really enjoyed getting close to it.

The kids were thrilled to find a giant moth attached to Josef's t-shirt...

Thankfully it does cool naturally sometimes! And this is what we do when it rains!!

Adele has been practising her baking skills and learning to read a recipe herself!

Avril and Josef have started to play together more. I find it delightful!


Adele has continued her work with warm and cool colours. Also using different strokes to create effects.

Avril started some work on the colour wheel.

 I am thrilled because Damon is loving the work he has for 2013 - Thankyou God!!! Such an answer to prayer!

On Saturday, Damon decided he wanted to get into his 180 Days Around The World! I was shocked! But very pleased!

 This week I turned 35 years old! My two girls baked and decorated a cake for me. My first candles in about 10 years! I was so excited!


  1. You all look really happy Anne :) Catch you soon, somewhere! xx

  2. I'll look forward to it Meg :) We are really happy and things seemed to be going really smoothly with homeschool - yay!