Friday, 8 February 2013

And the busyness has begun!!

This has been a very busy week!!! but amongst the busyness we managed to get some work done :)

Avril continues with LLATL blue and I have to say 'I love it'!!

She has learned to read her first book, ' Nat runs. Ann runs'. She has sequenced events, retold the story with puppets, practiced her handwriting, learned new sounds and sight words.

We read the story of Slowly the tortoise and Speedy the hare. It was Avril and Adele's job to re-tell the story for me.

Slowly the tortoise and Speedy the Hare..
Avril has also been continuing her journey learning about light. Here she is checking her sun dial and marking off the new shadows. We talked about the earth spinning past the sun and away from the sun, creating night and day.

She also learned about transparent and opaque objects, and how a shadow is created. This led to some shadow puppet making..

We also learned how all living things need light. But also how to be sun safe!

And of course there was time for Math-u-See..Hundredths, tens and units.

Adele has memorised the books of the Old Testament.

And completed her project on Johann Gutenberg. For her first ever assignment, she did an amazing job. She has discovered a love for research assignments!!

 Damon has continued experimenting with the primary and secondary colours in art. For someone who was not keen on art, he sure has changed and now looks forward to it!

 Damon also completed his project on Johann Gutenberg. He created a border of printing presses and Johann himself.

Homeschool swimming lessons started this week. It was quite a cool day for swimming and all the kids ended up with chattering teeth!

Continuing our theme on light, the girls created their own lanterns. They were so excited to light them this evening and walk around in the dark.

Can you see them coming???


The kids had been looking forward to this family excursion. And we weren't disappointed! It was a beautiful day and we had a fantastic tour guide :)

 Avril was keen to sketch the outside of the lighthouse, so as we waited for our guide, Avril settled down to draw.

 My little poses!!

 See the domes in this picture? I hadn't realised that each lighthouse had it's own design that allowed seamen to know where they were! Norah Head has domes and Byron Bay has pyramids!

The kids loved the next level! Here they found a red light, which alerted seamen to a reef. This light could be seen only out of one window, which was made of red perspex. And it could be seen for kilometere's out at sea.

 Up at the top of the lighthouse, we saw the huge light, that just kept turning day and night. We heard stories of how much work was involved in the past to keep the light in good working order. We also learned that the light does not blink, but just turns around, which makes it seem like it blinks.

 We also discovered the historical fire escape plan! A rope over the side of the lighthouse! I was very glad that I wouldn't be needing that! I would recommend a tour of the lighthouse, it was fascinating!

After the tour we headed down to the beach to explore the rock pools.

The kids found lots of interesting creatures to gaze at and touch! After a short walk along the beach, the kids found some slopes and rocks to climb!

My kids love climbing and exploring new spaces..

Our next stop was at The Entrance for lunch, icecream and a swim!

 It was quite chilly, but the kids still had a ball!

A full and busy week! But a lot of fun had along the way :)

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