Friday, 17 May 2013

An update of us!!

Budding Artists...Avril's drawings!!

Josef learning to use scissors and then sticking the alligator back together!!

The girls have been enjoying making stick puppets from computer print-outs and  Adele enjoyed making a paper plate weave.

We have been reading about Joni Eaerckson Tada's journey with the Lord and as learning to live life as a quadriplegic. We have been discussing using what God has given us for his glory. And trusting Him in all situations we will face in life.

One activity the kids had was to try painting like Joni!

 They all found it very difficult!

Damon has been keen to share his love of geography and planes with the family! So Avril and Adele have joined him in a geography lesson and learned a lot from their big brother! He really has a gift of teaching!

He went as far as printing off maps for them to shade and plot aircraft flight paths.

Adele and Damon are researching the top ten richest and poorest countries in the world below...

Damon is teaching Avril about the UK and researching aircraft that they could take to get there.

Damon has been enjoying being back at soccer. We even got to enjoy a day out at Shoal bay after one of the games.

 It was a perfect autumn day!!

 We saw some wonderful bird life..

And the kids got to explore and climb..

 We then decide it would be fun to visit the Shoal Bay lighthouse!! But unfortunately there was water over the path across to the island, so we went for a walk instead :) There it is over on the island!

 Avril has been missing her frog friends since we moved home, and when she heard one call, she was running to find it! We didn't find the frogs but we did find their babies!

 Avril has been going leaps and bounds with her reading. I decided to abandon LLATL blue and have been using All In One Homeschool's getting ready 1 from lesson 172. It has only been 10 lessons and my little girl is reading! She is no longer frustrated and I am relieved!!

Here she is reading McGuffy primer...

 Adele has been enjoying reading many books (she is my reader) but two she has been greatly taken by are Winnie The Pooh and May Gibbs biography. She has discovered a love of history.

When having a bath she discovered a toy which illustrated perfectly the chapter she was reading in Winnie The Pooh.

 Avril has been enjoying MEP maths Year1 and I have been enjoying walking this journey with her. MEP uses many techniques to teach the children and I am very impressed.

Josef enjoyed making a wall from the blocks!

Damon has decided to get serious about his studies. So he is studying African geography (180 days around the world - apologia), zoology and aviation this term. If you have a child keen on aviation, check out this link!

 Adele has started her study on ballet!! The only thing she feels she is interested in pursuing for a career!! Follow this link for your own little ballerina!


  1. Outing in Shoal Bay looks lovely. Love the family pic! Lots of reading happening it seems. Nice to see Damon teaching. I'm sure he'd enjoy that!

  2. Forgot to mention...I'm impressed with Avril's drawings too!