Monday, 10 June 2013

Taking time out together...

heading off to soccer games with Damon often gives us an opportunity for some quality family time. This time we headed to Muswellbrook. Damon loves his soccer!!

The field was right next to a grave yard which fascinated the kids, so we went exploring and reading the headstones. The kids enjoyed working out how old the people were when they died and seeing how old the graves were.

My kids love to climb trees!! (and secretly so does their mum!) A tree is always inviting to us and the kids always try to get as high as possible.

On our way home from Muswellbrook we stopped over at Singleton for lunch. We stopped at the dreaded bat park!! ...just because of this wonderful spinning go round!! I remember them from when I was a kid and we don't see them anymore, so we had to have a turn :) (and yes we headed to the nearest bathroom afterwards to wash our hands!!).

The kids also loved playing on the two tractors on display int he park.

 We always have such fun on our soccer outings!

Back at home we have been doing some yard work. Damon has been helping his dad mow the lawn and fix up Nehemiah's cage (our rabbit).

The kids were really excited when they received letters from some of good friends who recently moved away! They immediately got started on their replies..

Adele has been continuing with her ballet project. She has been writing up information about ballet as well as making this display.

 The little kids have been learning some more about cooking through our Home economics book. They work so well together all taking turns.

After learning about sifting, Adele made some baking powder biscuits, that were kid of like scones.

We have been meeting with another home school family to share an activity. Here are the girls starting their pinata. this was their second attempt, with the first one exploding!!

Here is Damon giving one of the kids a swing :)

 The kids were set the task of writing a paper on what they are good at. this was in line with our focus on stewardship and using all the God has given us for His glory - their talents and interests. The kids illustrated their papers with tiny passport photos and printouts from the computer. They look really good :)

 Avril has been interested in frogs fro quite a while and misses her friends from our old home :( So we have started our study on frogs. We have been reading information texts on frogs. Below is Avril decorating her frog as a poisonous frog from her book.

Here is Josef joining in :)

I asked Avril to tell me something she learned about frogs, so I could write it down and then she copied it below her picture.

Another great few weeks. 

During the next few weeks Adele will venture into 1930's Australia and Avril will continue with her frogs and their lifecycle. Damon will be diving into the world of biomes, Africa and continuing his aviation studies. So more adventures to come :)

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