Friday, 21 June 2013

Getting on with things at home..

Winter has come and with it cold mornings and nights..brrr!! But thankfully most days are still warm when the sun is shining. 

The past couple of weeks have been great! The end of term has almost arrived and we are really enjoying learning. This past week I have noticed a real growth in the kids and how much they are learning. It is very exciting!

It took me a little while to trust in the kids leading the topics they are learning, but it has been really great! Avril and Josef have been learning about the frog lifecycle, Adele is loving 1930's Australia and Damon continues on his adventures in aviation, geography and zoology.

I am quite excited about what next term holds for our learning adventures.

Below the kids are doing some cotton tip painting with friends.

The beginning of an autumn tree..

Avril decided to paint a bunny..

Avril and Josef are loving learning about frogs! This week we looked at the lifecycle.

We watched a YouTube video of Fergie the Frog. and we created our own lifecycle to hang up.

Bubble wrap eggs...which were dotted in with black marker.

We then made tadpoles which the kids decided were not perfect without purple glitter paint :)

So off we went outside to finish off our tadpoles..

We then printed off a frog to decorate..

To make our own lifecycle!!

The three big kids have been sharpening their maths skills with xtramath. It is a free on line maths program that helps them to master their maths facts.

 Avril has been practising her reading and is coming along really well.

 As usual there is some kind of cooking..left over easter eggs are a real treat in cupcakes :) And fresh cupcake batter is a lovely addition to breakfast!!

 Damon is loving his aviation studies. This week he was studying the centre of gravity.
We have two excursions planned to Fighter World and Newcastle Airport for next term.

 Adele was so interested in 1930's Australia that she completed 2 days of planned work in one afternoon! This was a surprise to me and then she started writing a story about her character, from the characters point of view, by her own choice.

 She has discovered a love of history!

We are using the My Place lesson ideas, as well as a few of our own to make history come alive :) Adele loves watching the DVD's.

 Another end to a great couple of weeks!!


  1. Ooh looks like fun, I would like to see your history work one day Adele, I love history, I wonder if you will do the 1940s next!
    Glad to see those little paint smocks again, my boys have the same, yet to unpack the paints.

  2. We decided to go right back to the beginning of Australian history and work our way back up :)

    The paint smocks are great! Thanks to you Michelle x