Friday, 9 August 2013

A bit of a casual week and some forgotten pictures!

I decided to start this post with some pictures I forgot about last week..

Fighter World!

If you love aeroplanes, and  I mean really love planes, then this is the place for you to get up close and personal with some jets.

It is also an opportunity to watch some of the RAAF jets take-off and land. This a very LOUD experience!

Here we are checking them out!

I always love a homeschool get together. The kids just get along so well and they get so adventurous! On this trip all of the girls created a shelter by a tree.

And climbed the trees.

The boys just explored and chatted by the swings!!

Homeschool outings are the best!

This week has been mostly taken up with dentists, ballet and gymnastics.But the girls managed to squeeze in some unsupervised dolls clothes sewing.

And on our one day of at home schooling!! we learned about fish. We learned about the air bladder that aid the fish in rising or sinking in the water.

Here is Avril letting water (air) out of the bottle to see what happens.

They also made a fish picture.

For Australia studies, Adele is continuing her research into the Platypus.

Here she is tracing a picture of Australia, showing where the Platypus is found.

And here is Damon preparing his comparison of two airlines. I asked him to give an oral report outlining what factors we would need to consider when choosing an airline, and then using these factors to compare two airlines.

On Saturday last week, we were able to celebrate Adele's friends 9th birthday at her disco!

Adele decided she needed to accompany me on my alone time this week! lol

And for the end of the week, we had a surprise picnic with daddy! He finished work early so off we headed to a local park.

Mr. Polar Bear is trying to eat Josef's lunch!! lol

 We had a competition with the ball..

 And went for a walk along the river..

The weather has been beautiful! And we had a fun day out hiding, rumbling and playing soccer.

I found these couple of photos of Damon and Daddy's big trip with Uncle John to Melbourne to see Liverpool.

 Hey Nanny!! Thanks for letting us stay!!

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