Friday, 2 August 2013

A step back in time..

These are our recent learning adventures..

A Step back in time at Tocal.

Checking out the animals in the barn.

We all loved the trip on the horse and carriage..

Still waiting! The queue was long :)

But soon enough it was our turn!

We checked out the heritage pigs..

Then we were off to make a scarecrow..

Josef chose our clothes. A Thomas the Tank Engine shirt, jeans and a Barcelona scarf.

We were all very hungry after making our scarecrow so we headed to the old-fashioned kitchen. The ladies were all dressed up and cooking scones in the wood fired stove. 

So we waited and had scones with jam and cream.

There was many things to see at this event. They had a fashion show of outfits worn during different eras in the 1900's. We toured the house which is decorated as it would have been in the past. We watched a lady spin wool and a man make brooms.

Just before we left the kids decided they wanted to check out the interesting fig trees.

Back to home and the studies have continued..

Here is Avril working through her LLATL blue book. We have returned to the book and Avril seems a lot more settled and ready to use it. I think she has matured over the past few months and is ready for it now :)

Our studies into animal classifications has led us to the arachnids group. This week we looked more closely at the spider. The kids watched The Magic School Bus Spins A Web and we read about the different types of web a spider weaves. We have also been reading Charlottes' Web alongside this unit.

Josef always wants to join in alongside his sisters.

The kids also had a turn weaving their own webs and making a spider to sit on it. Adele went as far as creating  a wrapped up meal for her spider.

They also had to draw a web, with spider attached, then they wrote several sentences all about what they have learned about spiders.

This week we also were introduced to four animal groups, the mammals, the reptiles, fish and the birds. It was our job to place pictures of animals under the correct headings. 

We also had creature feature cards which we had to sort under each group also. 

Here is Damon trying to nut out his math problems. We encountered a challenge in maths this week, so we have persevered and been able to conquer it this week. Well done, Damon!

Damon has also been getting into The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, as he studies geography.

The girls continued to read about Australia. This week we read about our unique wildlife. We watched a kangaroo give birth on You Tube. The girls were fascinated by the hairless creature climbing it's mothers fur into her pouch.

Avril drew a great picture of a platypus.

The girls have been set the task of finding out more information about one Australian animal. Adele has chosen the platypus, Avril hasn't chosen yet.

Our task this week was to create a sugar glider, so we decided to try and sew one :)

This was Avrils first time on the sewing machine.

We decided they look more like sting rays with hair and claws but anyhow we enjoyed making them and all that is left is to stuff them.

Adele has been spending a lot of her time reading Mandie, a christian adventure series. She loves it and is onto the second series of books.

Josef has been sneaking around with my phone taking a lot of photos! So I have found many like this and random ones of household objects, lol!

I was so thankful this fortnight to receive a run for Nehemiah. He has been enjoying the grass and the lovely sun we have been having. The kids have been enjoying having him easier to get to!

 We brought Mr. Scarecrow home. We found him a pole and stuck him in the garden. Now just to build a veggie patch for him to guard :)

A great couple of weeks. 


  1. Awesome! We wanted so much to come down to tocal and experience a peek into the past, we had guests over so maybe next year, looks like you had a great time!

  2. It was fabulous!! worth a visit next year :)