Sunday, 22 September 2013

September fun..

Derek and friends from his workplace attended a plane pull competition in Sydney at the beginning of this month. Even though they didn't win, they did an awesome job! He said they were leading until they started to consider strategies! lol.

The kids were determined to practice some athletics before their carnival, so they set up timed running practice and long jump events.

As a family we attended the local Homeschool Sports Carnival. We all had a wonderful day participating in different athletics events (yes, even mum and dad!).

Damon was very fast in his running races, taking first place in each.

 Avril, Adele and their friends enjoyed racing each other. They both came home with a collection of ribbons themselves.

Even Josef got in on the action! He was determined to get a ribbon too. And he did! He was so determined he ran the 1500m, beating both of his sisters and was rewarded with a 1st ribbon for his age group :)

What I love about homeschool carnivals is that the whole family can participate, we are not just spectators dealing with bored babies, toddlers or preschoolers, it really is a family affair.

Father and child race.

 Mother and child race.
A picture of all of the homeschoolers that participated.

 Then we went on with the events. All of the kids participated in the long jump.

 They hooked up with their friends for the relay races..

We had the novelty events..

 And of course the high jump..

 And the sack races..

 I didn't get photos of the tug o war in which Damon and his team of boys was humbled by being defeated by the girls team, lol!

Always love attending the athletics carnival, a great yearly event.

During this month Damon was selected for the State Indigenous Football Festival. He got to travel to Redfern for the weekend and stay at the Centre of Indigenous Excellence. He had a great weekend and made some new friends.

It was very hot and fast games. Damon was thrilled as he scored two goals in one game.

Josef enjoyed catching up with his brother between matches.

He was thrilled to leave with a medal :)

We were very blessed this term with free tickets to a local theatre to see Emily Eyefinger. The kids really enjoyed this opportunity.

Then we headed to our local Museum which is free entry. They have an area to explore and play. The kids enjoyed lifting a car with a rope, creating a tornado and other great activities.

This was taken outside the museum..

 Our other activities this month were baking cupcakes and sharing them with each other.

 Josefs designs..

 Adeles cakes..

 The kids wrote notes to daddy and Damon as they weren't there to share the cakes.

 Avril finished up her term of gymnastics achieving her first badge. She has been loving gymnastics. Well done, Avril!

 She is on the ropes in the background :)

Josef attempted to write his name for the first time..

 Avril and I completed a Girls Brigade 7 kilometre walkathon.

 Adele passed her ballet exam and received her tutu for her concert.

And as a family we headed to Sydney for a weekend..

 Josef was thrilled to be included in his cousin Micahs soccer activities..

 As it was Micah's birthday weekend, we all headed to the zoo for birthday fun!

My sister and I..

 The sky rail..

 Meeting a resident zoo ranger..

Posing near the elephants..

The kids loved the park and they got all wet!

Looking at these photos makes me realise we have had a very full month and it isn't over yet! It has been a great month so far, lots of fun and time with family. 

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