Sunday, 3 November 2013

October - A Day At The Beach!

It is always sad when close friends leave. Earlier this year some of our friends left to live in another state. This was heartbreaking for us, as they were a family that we loved to hang out with. After they left our girls were lost, they had created such a beautiful friendship. They really felt the loss. But thankfully a few months later they returned for a visit and we got to hang out at the beach with them.

We were so thankful for the unusually warm weather. We love the beach!
It was great to once again feel the excitement that comes from being at the beach with all of those crashing waves! And to make an even better day, we were blessed to spot group of Humpback Whales playing just out on the horizon. I had never seen whales, I was so excited! 

 I am sure Adele's friend had shot up in height since we last saw her!

Josef got to catch up with his little friend too!

 Avril enjoying some time with her beautiful friend.

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