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Fruity Egyptian Oven Baked Fish

Fruity Egyptian YIAH Oven Baked Fish.

As you all have probably read I have started to sell Your Inspiration At Home products - unique spice blends, chocolate powders, Fair trade coffee, meat rubs, the versatile dip mixes, dry glazes, flavoured balsamic vinegars and olive oils are just some in the range to check out. These products are free from gluten, MSG and preservatives, as well as caking agents. They are freshly hand picked and packaged to demand, so no long shelf waiting, always fresh.

I want to start to share some of the recipes I am making with these products, so I can show case the versatility of the products. So I am starting with the Fruity Egyptian Oven Baked fish and the Moroccan Cous-Cous.


1 White fish fillet per person.
A drizzle of YIAH Orange, Mango and Guava Balsamic Vinegar per fish fillet.
A drizzle of YIAH Mediterranean Olive Oil per fish fillet.
A light coating of YIAH Queen of the Nile Dukkah per fish fillet.


1)Preheat oven to 180C.
2) Lay a piece of baking paper onto a baking tray (big enough to wrap your fish in).
3) Lay your fish onto the paper. 
4) Drizzle the fillet with Blood Orange, mango and Guava balsamic vinegar, followed by the Mediterranean Olive oil. Massage into fish gently.
5) Sprinkle a light coating of the Queen of the Nile Dukkah over the fillet.
6) Wrap up fish and place in the oven for 20 mins.
7) Enjoy with Moroccan Cous-cous.

YIAH Moroccan Cous-Cous

This cous-cous blend can be mixed with cooked lentils, chick peas or vegetables. It is a blend of currants, onion, red pepper, cloves, cayenne pepper, herbs and spices. It is very tasty, quick and easy to prepare.


3 tbsp YIAH Moroccan cous-cous blend.
1 tbsp YIAH Mediterranean olive oil
1 cup quick cook cous-cous
1 1/2 cups hot water.


1) Mix 3 tbsp of Moroccan blend and 1 tbsp of Mediterranean olive oil with 1 cup of cous cous and 1 1/2 cups of hot water.
2) Cover and let sit until ready to serve.

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