Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Port Macquarie!! A wonderful mid term break!

We rarely get a break altogether as a family, as Derek usually needs to work, so this was a wonderful treat. We headed up to Port Macquarie for a few days. we had the most wonderful adventure during these few days, it is a lovely part of the country.

Our first visit was to Dooragan National Park. I love feeling the dirt beneath my feet and vegetation all around me. We walked through the rainforest to reach the lookout.

Adele found a vine and decided it made a great swing!

We found these marks on the tree and made many suggestions to the kids as to how they may have got there :)

 The views from the look out..

We found what we believe to be a wild strawberry.

It was a wonderful walk full of amazing flora and fauna.

Another place we visited was Bago Maze and Winery. I thought it would be easy to get through the maze, but I was soon proven very wrong! Each of our teams, boys and girls, was given a list of items to find within the maze. And we decided it was first team through, which proved harder than I thought :)

Josef finding one of the items on his list.

 It was certainly a lot of fun and I lost count how many times the kids ran back through. we also played a family game of capture the flag, in which I got stuck in the middle...again!! I think we will revisit this maze next time we visit Nanny.

Our next trip was to Tacking Point Lighthouse and Lighthouse Beach.
We enjoyed looking out at the look out but we wish we had been able to enter the lighthouse. It was a very small lighthouse, not at all what we expected, but still delightful to see.

We also headed down to the beach, skimmed and collected stones, explored the rockpools.

We also headed to Ricardo's Strawberry and Tomato farm. We have visited here before on our last trip and so we headed back for some juicy strawberries :)

We next headed to Sea Acres Rainforest Walk. This was Damon's pick and turned out to be a lovely boardwalk.

We also visited the Koala Hospital and took a tour. It was lovely seeing these animals being so well cared for.

What a blessing it was to spot a wild Koala on our way out of Nanny's. We saw a koala start its ascent into a gum tree in the neighbours yard. It was beautiful!

It was so much fun being out of routine and just enjoying each others company!

But the adventure didn't finish yet! As usual our road trip home turned into its own adventure.

Ellenborough Falls!!

 If you can take the time, this is worth a visit. The walks are beautiful, the falls are amazing!!

This is a termite mound.

At one of the look outs.

A bush turkey.

 Walking down to the base of the falls was challenging, but amazing!!

 We loved our trip together and have returned home refreshed!

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