Monday, 26 December 2011

Our Christmas Day in pictures....and a few words ;)

We started out our day very early, the kids were up and about and very excited!!! They started by exchanging homemade gifts to each other. They had made polystyrene ball decorations, cards, pictures and Adele created a counting book for Josef. And this was his book and no one was allowed to touch it. it was too special!

Next came breakfast...Eggnog Christmas tree french toast! I used the eggnog I had made the day before to dip the triangle cut bread into. I fried this until golden and set up as a tree on the plate. I cooked up some sausages for the trunk. I set MMM's and icing sugar in bowls on the table for decorations. They turned out great and the eggnog made it taste wonderful.

Next was present opening time....

And then off to church to celebrate Jesus's birth. Both of the girls wore their home made dresses. I made Avrils' but Adele made her own. We both are so thankful to our friend Beth for helping us make these :)

We returned home and the kids immediately wanted to take turns on the internet signing up their new Webkinz. They were very excited!And when looking at my photos I found the Webkinz helping with chores!! lol

But soon after this we headed outside so they could try out their new slip 'n' slide!!

Then it was lunch time..and what a lunch so yummy!! First we lighted a candle for Jesus, which we blew out at the end of lunch after singing Happy Birthday.

For lunch we had roast vegies, maple ham, sausages wrapped in bacon, yorkshire pudding and gravy. It was really yummy. I was really happy as this was the first time I made a ham and it worked out :)

We were too full to squeeze in dessert as well, so we headed off on the new bikes! Both the girls received a new bike for Christmas. Josef was pushed in his trike with a handle. And I was most impressed as my two older kids set off on a dirt bike track, something we had never done! There were ramps and other obstacles. They really gave it there best shot!

On returning home we were hot! It was the warmest day we have had in a while, as we have had lots of rain. So as the kids had another jump in the slip 'n' slide, I organised dessert accompanied by icecream.

For dessert we had Chocolate log with Baileys cream. Making this log which requires no icing, reminded me why I like icing on my hides the cracks!! lol! But overall it turned out fine, it tasted delicious and I will definately make it again.

By the end of the day, we were all tired, but had enjoyed spending our day together celebrating Jesus's birthday.

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