Sunday, 4 December 2011

Last school week of 2011!! What a great year it has been!

This week we found our topic of the 12 tribes of Israel tricky. I didn't have a lot of knowledge on this topic and the internet was confusing us. We did eventually work out some finer details.

The past couple of weeks we have been experiencing some weird weather. One day it is summer, the next it is like winter! This week I have worn summer pyjamas and winter pyjamas, I have sweltered and frozen! Tonight it is another cold one and I type this from my cold study in my flanelette PJ's, lol!

Adele as usual powers on. She has had a great week. This week she finished her DITHOR project 'A Tapestry of information'. She took a long time decorating it and a small amount of time adding her information! I think next time, we will take more time discussing and writing our information. But it still looked good :)

Damon also finished his Dithor Project. We now have a quiz game that Damon has designed all about Black Shoulder Kites (bird). I am thankful that he has made the quiz true or false, or else we would have had to study for the game :).

Adele found this weeks challenge of researching the 12 tribes of Israel very frustrated, as did I when I joined in the research. We were confused by the name changes but we eventually worked out some of these changes, but we still need to return to this subject and learn more.

Along with this research she had to draw a map of the tribes. Our bible atlas did not have the information we needed, so we relied on Google again! Thankfully we found one and both the kids did a great job sketching the maps.

Damon created a key for his map showing the different mothers of each tribe, then he cut them out, making a puzzle. He was then instructed to reassemble it onto some paper. Google was a great support to him during this :)

Adele really enjoys poetry. This week we read 'The Looking Glass River' by Robert Louis Stevenson. Adele had to look for words that created imagery. Then she used this example to write her own poem about the desert. She was suppose to write a paragraph but she wanted to write a poem. And here it is:

It's hot in the glimmering sun,
Dull yellow sand,
Juicy green cactuses,
No glimmering blue water to drink,
Beautiful coloured flowers,
Lizards shading under rocks,
In the beautiful desert.

by Adele

Adele also finished reading Louis Braille, this week. She has enjoyed reading about how braille was invented and Louis's life as a boy.

Damon has been enjoying his extension readings and just this last month Adele has also picked these up. I am amazed at how far the kids have come along since starting Heart of Dakota. I never expected to be able to complete a whole days worth of activities or that Adele would be doing the extension readers, and they are enjoying the journey. It is great! I am a little sorry to be taking holidays, but we need it, lol.

Damon and Adele have been enjoying reading the Ancient Encyclopedia and their Bible readings that have cemented and linked information that we have been learning.

Damon made a great effort this week in his drawing assignments. He drew a lovely Ark of the Covenant.

Avril has also been learning this week. For math this week, we played a game I found on Lesson Pathways, 'Roll for a snack'. For this game I had two bowls, one filled with mini marshmallows and the other filled with cocoa bombs. Each player had to roll the dice, count the dots, then find it's number card, then it was feast time. They were allowed to take the amount of snack thrown on the dice. This was such an attractive game, that Josef and Adele decided to join in for treats!!

We also created a game of alphabet bingo this week. Again we used our alphabet cards to place over the letter on their homemade boards. On some A4 paper I drew a grid of 6 squares. In each square I wrote a letter, using upper case sometimes and lowercase in other squares. When I called out the letter, I held up the card, if they had it they took the card and put it over their letter. When the card was full they yelled 'bingo'! we had to play this many times as Adele and Avril had so much fun.

This week Avril also helped me to create a book called 'Mouses lunch'. Again I found this on lesson pathways. I wrote the words 'Mouse ate 1 (or whatever number)... and her job was to find something in a grocery pamphlet, then cut it out, sticking the correct number of items on the page. She has done really well with this.

Along with this Avril has enjoyed some computer time and reading our library books.

This week all of the kids have been very creative. We have restricted our television viewing times and the kids are learning to entertain themselves. Having the keyboard in the study has been great. The kids have loved practicing, creating their own masterpieces and dancing to the demo's. I was delighted to be entertained by them before bed last week. They all took turns playing the keyboard, dancing ad playing other instruments. They put on a great performance.

Last week Aldi had hula hoops on sale for $2.50. So i grabbed one. All of the kids have been taking it in turns to see how long they can keep the hoop up! Adele is the champion at this, her record is 5 minutes. Avril has done well to learn to keep it up, Damon can hula for a while and Josef puts it around him and buzzes like a bumble bee around the room. Very cute!!

Every morning Josef and Damon go bird watching. Damon is trying to teach josef to be wuiet during this activity as he is trying to get a great camera shot!! Not always successful but he is learning.

Adele and Damon were keen this week to get some canvas and paint. So we stopped at a Reject Store and grabbed two cheap. They both spent time carefully sketching out their designs before painting their artwork.

Avril was content to water paint the shed!

Josef has enjoyed finding dress-ups this week (thankfully, some boy ones!!). He loves dressing in the girls bee dress as he loves buzzing like a bee :) But this week he was spiderman.

I had my own project this week. I was reading Exodus 34: 6 - 7, when the Glory of God passes before moses. And He proclaims his glory describing who He is. I felt God ask me to write these down, to really know who He is. So I did, with the help of Adele. Each morning we have sat in our PJ's making these posters.

This is what He says;

Exodus 34:6-7

New Living Translation (NLT)

6 The Lord passed in front of Moses, calling out,
“Yahweh![a] The Lord!
The God of compassion and mercy!
I am slow to anger
and filled with unfailing love and faithfulness.
7 I lavish unfailing love to a thousand generations.[b]
I forgive iniquity, rebellion, and sin.
But I do not excuse the guilty.
I lay the sins of the parents upon their children and grandchildren;
the entire family is affected—
even children in the third and fourth generations.”

I also felt led to get out my dictionary and look up the definitions of all of these words, to truly get a picture of what the descriptions mean. it truly has helped and I will be posting them on my pantry so my children can come to know their God.

And lastly here is some of Damons' recent photography:

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