Friday, 9 November 2012

I planned to get back into a routine this week, but with all my best efforts, it didn't quite happen...but as usual the kids keep leaning anyhow :)

Here are the kids playing a game whilst exploring their surroundings.

I love that Homeschooling is so great for their relationships, growing ever closer!

I also love that my kids get to learn to work as a team with their family, helping out with chores that will equip them in the future.

We had some hot weather again this week, so out came the water and summer play...

Josef loves getting in and helping make his lunch...

This week I decided to make a Cobb loaf, but it didn't rise like I wanted, so we used it to make a pizza!

Adele took a trip out to a creek and quarry this week. Adele collected lots of precious stones containing crystals. She also found an old Australian penny, which she is soaking in coke, hoping that it cleans up.

The girls decided that stones needed scrubbing, so they filled the sand table and scrubbed away.

Avril is continuing to learn her letter sounds. We decided that 'r' is like a dog growling.

Here are some of her letters she has been practicing writing.

She continues with art...

Ella was very embarrassed to be discovered using a wooden spoon as a microphone whilst singing to Courageous.

We are still working through MEP maths. Here she is tracing through the maze without touching the sides!
 Copying position and patterns...

 One of our homeschooling mums gave me some great advice about my potatoes, so we are covering the shoots with potting mix as they grow. We are hoping for lots of potatoes!

Our cauliflower...

The kids decided that it would be fun to run around in the rain showers this week after our hot days...

So great!! I love how free and creative my girls are. I love Homeschooling!!

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