Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Little House In The Big Woods Chapter 3 and 4.

Chapter 3: 

I thought this chapter gave the opportunity for spending time with the kids looking at responsibility and obedience.

Devotional on Responsibilty - 

Kidscorner and Heavens Inspiration.

Devotional on Obedience - 

Heavens Inspiration - Obedience 1 and 2. 

Chapter 4:

1. How do Icicles form experiment?


Use a bar of soap and plastic knives.

A jazzy car made with a bar of soap.

3. Make a pancake man for breakfast.

4. Play a game to see how many layers of clothing they can get on all at once.

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  1. We've loved Little House In Big Woods. There's so many rabbit trails and it's just a nice book to read to the kids. Can't believe I never read it as a kids. Looks good, take care.