Friday, 2 November 2012

Learning through lots of play...

The past couple of weeks have not been too organised! But the kids have still learned lots through their own play and explorations. 

Avril using some packaging as a boat.

We did get some art done though - numbers...

Josef and I enjoyed some Bible time together. We acted out different animals.

'A' 'A' 'A'...

The kids enjoyed doing some invisible drawing and painting, whilst we thought about creation...

Let there be light...

And God said...

Let there be Light!

Adele delightfully joined in helping with bible time...

Adele had just been on a trip to the zoo with her dad. And she fell in love with the giraffes!

Avril drew her favourite animals too...

What I love about homeschool is that the kids take what they are learning and act it out in play...

Here the kids are following a map around the zoo...

To see the elephants...

And zebras!

The girls also designed an animal hospital...

Avril decided to try eating her kiwi with the skin on..and to my surprise loved it!

Josef got stuck into an activity book about Fireman Sam.

Avril has been enjoying creating at the Art gallery workshops each week...there has been collages, sculptures and puppets (a box full of puppets!).

We have started to get into our chore routine these past couple of weeks, so thankful for the kids help!

Avril continued with her reading and writing lessons..I am really excited about how well she is doing!

Adele and I started to read the Book of Esther. Adele decided she wanted to look up all the characters name meanings  plus all of her friends and family :)

I had given up hope of seeing our potatoes sprout, but when I walked out one morning I was so excited to find sprouting potatoes!!

I was delighted to walk outside and find my two youngest doing art together and encouraging each other.

My kids love rice paper rolls and so they were delighted that they were on the menu this week!

But Josef's favourite was the corn chips and guacomole!!

This week we dreamed up a Snicker's cake and set out on an adventure to put the vision together...we weren't disappointed!! :) Nougat cake, caramel salted peanuts and chocolate ganache topping!

Damon was chosen to play Oz Tag for school this week. So we popped over to take a look.

This fortnight we also had the thrill of visiting my Sister, brother in law and all the cousins!

Josef and Avril were thrilled to cook with Cousin Julia!! Josef had dreamed up a rocket cake adn Julia helped him make it.

And enjoying the leftovers!!

The Rocket Cake!!

Getting ready to blow out the candles!! All the littlies!!

The kids were so excited as we built a fire at breakfast time!!

And toasted marshmallows!!

And toasted bread!!

Just chillin' outside!

Then our family took a ferry to Darling Harbour...

Anzac Bridge..

A great fortnight, full of play and building memories!!

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