Friday, 15 March 2013

Long and overdue update on us!

I know! It has been ages since my last update! 
This month I had a visit from the Board of Studies in order to re-register us. Thankfully she was pleased and we have been re-registered! She said that a blog is a great way to record our activities so here I go..

Adele and I have continued with our Obedience studies alongside a Kings and Queens unit from Konos. Damon, Adele and I are meeting in the mornings to work through a Character Study on Obedience from Confession of a Homeschooler. Every day we have bible verse focus and a story to read from the Bible. Then we discussed the blessings of obedience in reflection to the story and consequences of sin. There are questions to help reflect on the story and a daily challenge. The kids both have an obedience chart, when they obey they get a smiley face on their chart.

Adele has been reading books on queens and kings, serfs and Lords, castles and their workers. She has been really enjoying this unit. She is in the middle of drawing a castle and a plan of a castle, which she will label the features and workers. We are looking forward to preparing for our Medieval Feast at the end!

 I love how Adele and Avril like to dress up and create a dance performance for us, when one of their friends visits.

Being part of a large homeschool community means that we have great families who organise sports and swimming carnivals, such a huge task, so I am always so thankful to their hard work. Adele is the most excited about these events as she is kenn to participate in all the events :)

 Josef was sad that he couldn't join in because he can't swim yet. I promised him we will get him some lessons this year :)

 And Avril got involved in the younger races...the noodle race.

 Damon hangs around and waits for the fun. He isn't keen on swimming competitions.

As everyone knows we love to cook and create in the kitchen. Avril cooked up a minestrone soup for us this week.

And to accompany it she made garlic and parmesan turkish bread.

After about a year, I decided I should try making strawberry jam again! And it was a winner! Easy and really tasty!
I just used one punnet strawberries (250g), squeeze of juice from one lemon and 250g sugar. it was so good, it is all gone. 

Damon helped me make english muffins this week.

Damon has been helping his dad in the garden. 

So excited about this first ever garden!

Last week we had our first meeting our our homeschool activity group. Our ages range from baby through to twelve, so we are just doing simple activities that require creativity from the kids. This week we made easter noodle nests with chocolate eggs.

I saw this as we entered my friends home and thought it was wonderful.

Licking the chocolatey spoons is always fun!! Yum!

And then eating the goody!

This is our lovely friend who opened her home to us this week.

 Alright for some Damon!

 Damon has been enjoying his study on birds this week. we have been out identifying them adn learning all about their feathers.

Damons task this week was to waterproof a feather.

Josef and I have been painting this week, he painted parts of his body to create an apple tree.

 I loved listening to Josef as he painted a story. With every unfolding detail he added more detail to his picture. He told me a story about a party in the backyard, when all of a sudden storm clouds appeared over head and 'BANG'! Everyone had to run inside the house. And the apple tree fell apart and the bananas fell all over the ground! The some higher clouds appeared and it rained with some more loud 'BANGS'!! It was wonderful hearing him tell his story with such enthusiasm.

 Josef and I also made playdough this week. We were going to make red, cinnamon smelling playdough, but I only had blue colouring. So blue it was! Josef didn't complain, he wanted to make a dinosaur.

 I am looking forward to relaxing into our new rhythm with Damon at home, whilst I lean on our Lord Jesus and let him guide our 2013.

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