Sunday, 3 November 2013

Adele turned 10!

Is this what a 10 year old looks like???!! It doesn't sound right! She is just one of my little girls! But she is and yes! this is what a 10 year old looks like!

When the kids celebrate a birthday, they get to choose how we will eat for the day. Adele chose an English breakfast, fish and chips for lunch, and potato bake and steak for dinner. She didn't want a cake for dessert, she had to have trifle! So we sang Happy Birthday to her as she blew out the candles on her trifle! lol.

 Then a couple of weeks later we had a party!! We invited a bunch of girls around and had planned to have a ballet themed party, but it was SO hot, it turned into a water party! We still had a ballet cake though :)

 She also had to have pink chocolate eclairs! So we made some and who would have easy!

To cool the girls down on arrival we put out our sprinkler, which then turned into a bit of a water fight with the hose and some water bombs!

We then played water limbo!

 And the donut game! The faces the girls pulled when trying to get off those donuts, were hilarious! Adele had joked about what if it was windy and the washing line was spinning around! And guess what it had been very windy but settled down just before the party! Before then the line was spinning! They could have been running, mouths opened, chasing their donuts! lol

Who will chew it fastest and win!!

 Our next game was Wacky Dress Up!! The girls loved this game and went crazy!

 A hot day was had by all but it was fixed by lots of cold water and lots of giggling! Happy Birthday, Adele!!

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