Sunday, 3 November 2013

Josef turned 4!

My kids are just growing up way too fast! I still look at him and see a two year old! Not because he is immature for a four year old, but because he is the baby of the family. I still snuggle him like he is little and I think this is because he hasn't had to move over for another baby. Is that how it is? The youngest is always the baby of the family (in a beautiful way, of course :)).
 Here he is playing with his new pirate ship water table.

And below is what he ordered for dessert, a giant donut! I was worried about making this one, as I wasn't sure how to get the donut shape, but whilst shopping, Derek came across a giant donut pan, so problem was solved!  
 The boy loves sausages!!! So he ordered for lunch and dinner sausages! And he was very happy!

Here he is blowing out his candles :)

And of course we had a party a few days later! A minion party!

We had minion balloons created by the kids!

And lots of friends over to celebrate with!

And of course, because of the hot weather! we all got wet! We had freeze rays each! These were little water guns found in the Reject shop!

We also played pin the balloon with the dinosaurs..a game chosen by Josef!

 Pretty much the day was filled with water, water and more water!! We all ended up soaked and happy!

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