Saturday, 26 November 2011

Review: Karcher Home Line Steam Cleaner

I was thrilled to be chosen for this trial!!! I have always wanted a steam mop, but this is so much better than anything I had wanted.

Firstly, when it arrived, I was shocked at the weight. It was so light. I expected it to be as heavy as a vacuum cleaner, but I was wrong.

I had to wait a couple of days before putting it to the test. But as soon as the opportunity was there, out came my steam cleaner. At first I was a little daunted by all the attachments! I have never used a steam cleaner before!! And I wasn't sure if i would easily work it out! I found the instructions a little tricky. The instruction manual could be more user friendly.

But eventually, I worked it out and off I headed to the bathroom. We had always had these stains on the bath that I couldn't scrub off by hand, but a few seconds with the cleaner and my bath was shining for the first time ever!! I was thrilled! But I didn't stop there - shower, floor, sink, tiles - everything was clean. And I hadn't used any chemicals.

By this stage I was on a roll. I headed out into the hall, then the loungeroom, dining room, kitchen and then the study windows!!! The whole house was getting a steam clean! And it was so quick and easy :) I don't think my old mop will be coming out again, I love my new steam cleaner.

The steam cleaner comes with different attachments which have different functions. The steam gun can be used to unwrinkle garments, to remove dust from plants and for moist dusting furniture. The detail nozzle is used to get into those smaller areas or to get closer to the problem area. The round brush can be used for heavily soiled areas. There is a terry cloth that can be attached and used for mirrors and showers. And then there is the floor nozzle.

I was impressed that it has a child protection lock which prevents steam from escaping. This is a great feature especially in our home.

The unit itself is a little tricky to store as the cord is not retractable and so therefore needs to be wound up.

But overall I am thrilled to have trialled this Karcher steam cleaner, it will certainly get a workout here.

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