Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A wonderful performance!!!

Building a marble run...

 But the marbles soon moved to this spiral for races...

Adele learned how to address an envelope and write a letter properly...

Adele loves her art curriculum. this week she had to sketch different flowers and then use complement colours in her shading.

Avril also enjoys her art, we are working through numbers...

I am really excited about Avril's progress!!! She can now sound out some words!!! Here she is playing a reading game.

But the highlight of our week was the dance concert that Adele, Avril and Maddy performed for the parents and siblings. they spent the whole morning setting up costumes, chairs and a make-up area. But most importantly they were creating their performances!!

 Here are some of the siblings hard at work making choc chip cookies!!! lol

It wasn't long and it was time to take our seats!!! And the music began and we were spoilt with about 40 minutes of beautiful dancing.

 It didn't take long and all the siblings joined in :)

 Aren't they cute!!! Josef asked Jasmine to dance :)

 The kids all did a great job and all the parents were very proud :)

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