Saturday, 15 September 2012

Why I love Homeschooling...our week!!!

I really love homeschooling, not only do I get have to have heaps of quality time with my kids, I also get to watch all of their accomplishments and be a part of it!!

This week Avril and I started to read The Burgess Book of Animals. Whilst I read Avril coloured in her picture of a Cottontail Rabbit.

Then we had a snuggle as she told me all the interesting facts she had learned about Rabbits and Hares. During the week I had done my own research to find Australia's equivalent to the rabbit (yes, we do have rabbits, but they were introduced). I came across an animal called a Bilby.

We really enjoyed finding out more about this burrowing animal, who has a pouch and ears like a rabbit!


Avril enjoyed showing me where the Bilby lives - here in Australia!

She then made a bilby mask.

She loved her bilby mask and we had to take turns burrowing. I also had to buy her from a pet shop and take her home :) I love that their learning becomes their play! They play out all the facts they are learning :)

Avril continues to work on her reading and she loves every accomplishment!! And I love being the one to lead on this path.

I love that learning at home is so is Adele enjoying the spring sunshine, whilst sitting on a trike, doing her maths :)

And the kids can be homework, so lots of time to play!!

And cook!!! The girls decided whilst reading Little House in The Big Woods, that making bread would be fun. It became even more fun when they decided to make marshmallow bread rolls!
And when they bit into their creations they were pleasantly surprised!!! Gooey marshmallows (just like toasting on a fire!).

We had lots of fun cooking this week!
Later in the week we made some more bread. This time the kids decided to make their own shaped rolls.
Even packing up was fun!
Josef continued with his treasure theme! This time we made binoculars to help us find the treasure. And when I was busy Josef and Avril decided to play find the treasure and lost Josef's bible for 3 days!

 I am sure you have heard the myth about unsocialised homeschooled kids! And it truly is a myth!!  Homeschooling allows for many different types of socialisation experiences.

We get to catch up with friends for a play and just enjoy them, not disturbed by a bell! And not limited to the same age group. They have lots of opportunities to serve in helping the younger ones, learning from the older ones and helping out the adults.

 Our family has been sharing Holy Communion at home and it has been a wonderful addition to our days, remembering what Christ has done for us.

 Another thing I love about Homeschooling is the relationship that is built between sister and brother.

 This week the homeschool community gathered for our annual sports day. Everyone joined in, mums, dads and toddlers!!

Adele and Avril gave every activity their best and had a great day! And they were pleased to also bring home some ribbons.

 Another thing I love about homeschool is that the kids can make some really close friends, from a wide variety of kids.

Josef spent the beginning of the carnival eating all of our strawberries!

 And then cheering on the racers..

 But then even Josef had his turn at racing!!

He also spent lots of time playing on the playground..

The boys making music with the batons!

Even I had a race!! Adele begged me to join in, so I kicked off my shoes and raced off in the mums race!

 Socialisation as a homeschool has not been an issue for us..

 Look at them all!!! All ages together!!! Enjoying their sports day!!

 But back to events...Long Jump!

And look at them as they wait for their turn..all playing gymnastics..

 The Sack race..

 The Three Legged Race..

 The mini hurdles..

 Right at the end of the day Josef decided it was time for his afternoon nap!

 Until he heard the announcement for the Mintie and spoon race!! Lollies!!!

Homeschooling sure is an adventure, an adventure I get to share with my family :)

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