Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A day of relearning lessons that should have already been learned!

I have to complete everything, no matter what was my attitude today! Well after relaxing and letting the kids make cupcakes before breakfast!! I think I felt like I wanted to achieve something but upset the routine so early on that I couldn't accomplish all I wanted to! I have now relearned RELAX and ENJOY!

We had a play date organised for this afternoon at the park. the kids were so excited to be catching up with their school friends. I decided it would be fun to make some cupcakes for these afternoon tea. The kids decided that they would enjoy trying to make these by themselves. And they did a great job together.

My dd 4 and ds 1 decided to join in the fun. dd4 licked the bowl and ds 1 had the first warm cake out of the oven. What a lovely breakfast!!

Dd4 and I role played Abraham and Lots conversation about parting company and living in different lands. Lot selfishly choosing what seemed like the best land, but God was faithful and gave abraham the best land. We didn't have an abundance of toy sheep so we got out the farm animals.

The two big kids got to paint their rainbows onto their backgrounds today. I should not have rushed this process and should ahve waited to do this on friday. I have learned my lesson! They look great but poor ds10 was rushing with me and didn't dry his brush resulting in his paint running. He decided it looked like rain :)He is happy, but it confirmed to me that rushing is not the way to do school. I will no longer rush school! Lesson learned!

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