Wednesday, 27 July 2011

First year of homeschool

Just a short post! I realise I have been talking about struggles I have been having this past week. I want this blog to be honest and open. I am finding my first year of homeschool brings with it lots of joy and triumph, but there are weeks when i need an attitude adjustment or my kids do. I am still learning and my kids are still adjusting! There has been trial and error with schedule, curriclum, consequences, rewards, amount of extra - curricular activity and heart matters. But you know what - all of it is worth it because I am growing in character and developing more patience, new skills and becoming less rigid! (well starting to). My children are learning to get along better, learning new skills, are more confident and free to explore their world and interests. And most importantly God is teaching us new things every day through our christ centred curriclum. We are doing it togther in Christ. In my weakness He is my strength!

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