Monday, 25 July 2011

Unit 2: Day 1 Life after the flood

Today was a fantastic day!

Ds started the day with a sore neck and a headache which he needed a heat pack for! So he rested the first 1 hour and a half of school!!! But after I watched him for a while I could see he had come good!! So he decided to join us :)

We started the day with poetry. We are looking at Robert Louis Stevenson poems. Today we started "Bed in Summer". This is a poem about a child going to bed by day in the summer and getting up to dark in the winter! My kids could really relate to this. These poems are great and the kids are really enjoying them.

We have been reading about the Arctic Tundra and looking at how layers keep animals warm. Today the kids had to copy 1 cornithians 15:39 above a drawn picture showing the layers of a musk ox's flesh. The kids really engaged in this and ds went a little further drawing a musk ox and its' baby.

We then how our first reading from Life in the Great Ice Age. Ds was excited because we have been reading about the same tribe in his extension reader about Uncovering the Mysterious Woolly Mammoth. We are learning about how tribes lived after the flood and tower of Babel. We are looking at Noahs sons and how life must have been for them, living in caves, changeable weather, hunting, other tribes..

Our project for history today was to make a collage of cool colours and a collage using warm collages. My dd4 got involvd in this one and they were all very creative.

My DD 4 had a wonderful time this morning painting a 'C' picture. We talked about what began with 'c' and then she drew some pictures, then filling them in with paint.

Monday was also our sewing day. A wonderful friend is teaching us machine sewing. We have made great progress with our cushions. A

nd I discovered that I can free hand back stitch. This is a very exciting discovery for me! And I found it very relaxing, I think I may start doing more of this! I am very grateful to our wonderful friend for teaching the kids and I new skills.

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