Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tuesday: Unit two day two

Today started off in a glorious way, bright sunshine, one of the warmest days we can have for ages. The kids decided that it was nice enough to start the day outside. I am sure it is not adviced that kids sit on the concrete and do english but I thought why not! It is a glorious day! She eventaully worked out she was more comfortable at the table :)

The kids begged me to make pancakes for morning tea today. But they decided that they would! And they did a wonderful job :)My ds 10 isa famous pancake chef in our home. He created the malteser pancake for us and it is divine!! Especially with icecream. Also he swapped cows milk with cocnut milk fresh from the coconut shell. I was shocked at how well these turned out! they were fluffy, soft and oh so delicious! If you ever feel the urge for pancakes buy a cocnut and give it a whirl! My dd 7 has just started learning the pancake skills from her brother.

My dd 4 and ds 1 spent the morning singing their rhyme Clippity, clippity c c c clack! with actions. This song is about Abraham and teaches them actions to go with the C sound. Avril is so excited as she points out every letter she now knows as we visit different places and at home! I am very proud of her. Today the activity was to decorate a C with string or cotton wool balls. Well I didn't have cotton wool so it was string! We headed outside and they both did their sticking.

DD 7 and Ds 10 carried on where we left off from monday, that wonderful day, where I had relaxed and we had enjoyed exploring and being creative! Today I felt a little unsettled about this! I wanted to be further ahead! And I let this drive our day! And our long phone interruption was another frustration. So the kids started their world wide flood research together. They did great, no arguments, they worked so well together. Now this is when I first answered the phone! And the kids surprised me, they decided to do a small powerpoint about Noahs Ark and the flood for me! They used animation factory to animate their powerpoint. They had animals disappearing into the ark and funny captions. It was great!

My ds 10 hated reaing home readers from school and so when i told him he had 10 days to read a book he nearly changed colour all over! But he is really enjoying HOD's recommendation for his biography. We are using HOD's drawn into the heart of reading program, which is a charcter and reading program. Both the kids surprised me with the enjoyment of their biography's. Adele is reading Amelia earheart: young air pioneer and Damon is reading Alexander hamilton: Young statesman.
We finished the day with a beautiful rainbow. Gods gift to us to bring peace to a busy day. Looking at the pictures now I can see how much fun HOD is.

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