Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Photography Workshop

My kids are so excited about their photography workshop. They have spent the last week taking photos for their projects. And I thought I would share some...


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, feelings, struggles and triumphs so honestly and eloquently. I look forward to reading more posts in the future.
    I am loving Damon and Adele's photography so far. Damon especially has a real eye for composition and his exposure is perfect.. some of thos bird photos are just amazing.
    I can't wait to see his final project!

  2. Thanks I was a bit nervous starting a blog!

    Damon and Adele love taking photos. Damon is definately a very keen nature photographer. Quite often he'll be doing his school work and then the next thing you know he is off with camera in hand to snap whatever wildlife caught his eye :)

    They are really loving doing the workshop with you.