Sunday, 2 October 2011

Day 2 Itinery: Batemans Bay to Lakes Entrance

Our second day on the road and we were ready for adventure!!

We didn't have such a clear itinery planned for this day, but we still found some great places to stop.

We headed off from Batemans bay and headed towards Narooma.This trip was quite hard on Avril as she felt car sick and we needed to stop a couple of times. And I spotted a red bellied black snake flipping about in the middle of the road. When I drove over it I was praying that it didn't flip up under the car, but no worries I missed it!

Now we knew there were beaches in Narooma but weren't sure where to stop. But we found ourselves at Batemans Marine Park. It was a nice stop over for morning tea. There was a nice flat beach to explore, beautiful scenery and a playground (plus toilets :) ).

Damon went for a walk along the sand spotting birds when he exclaimed that he saw a group of something moving in the distance. On closer inspection he saw that they were groups of crabs which quickly buried themselves. Once damon announced his findings everyone wanted to take a look.

Josef spent his time there playing on the great boat playground. It was a magnificent little play area. The kids really enjoyed it.

After speaking to a couple from further south we were warned to enjoy this warm weather because it was going to get cold! I didn't believe them because ithad been beautiful weather so far. We also took their advice and headed for Eden next.

Eden was a beautiful seaside town. We headed straight for a swimming beach for lunch. Now I informed the kids that they wouldn't be needing their swimmers as they would only be paddling!! Well after spending some time there i wish they had been wearing their swimmers!!!

We enjoyed our time on the beach. Josef had warmed up to the feeling of sand on his feet. We ate lunch. It was warm and sunny. And the kids were loving playing on the shoreline....then a little bit closer to the waves! Then splash and tumble...they were all wet!!! They all had a great time but now we had to unpack suitcases, find dry cothes and change everyone. Avril was the saddest at this point because she was covered in sand and there was only cold water taps, no sorry freezing cold water taps to wash it off!! :( But eventually all were dry, warm and settled back in the car.

Damon had planned our next stop - Marlo - where the Snowy river meets the ocean. It was a very long and windy trip to Marlo from Eden. The kids slept and I drove. As the kids woke up I had to slow down because a huge lace Monitor took off across the road. I stopped the car as he took one look at us and took off up a tree. We encounter two smaller lace monitors on our way into Marlo, but these ones stayed on the side of the road.

Our stay in Marlo was short because we had to get into lakes Entrance for the night. But we took a short trip, had some afternoon tea and went bird and fish spotting.

We were soon on the road again, heading to Lakes Entrance. The kids loved our stay in Lakes Entrance. We stayed at the Heyfield motel and apartments. The kids loved this stop because outside our rooms there was a play area, a sand pit surrounding a trampoline. They were also keen for a swim but it was too late, so I said they could the next day as it had been so warm!

I found the family at these apartments really friendly and also helpful.

We took off for a walk late in the evening looking for a treat of fish and chips. I ordered the kids some cocktail fish and chips, plus myself a fish and chips. We were left with a huge amount of food as the cocktail fish was huge!! But very nice.

Adele and Avril enjoyed a night sleeping together in a big double bed. Damon was in his own single and Josef yet again in a cot with me. But it was comfortable and we all had a great rest.

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