Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A review of Rudies Sun Wear!!!

I am so excited because I have been chosen to review my first product - RUDIE'S SUN WEAR!!!

This Australian product has come at a wonderful time of year for us, the time of year when we like to head outdoors and jump around in the sprinkler, splash in our paddling pool or play at the water table.

This product was the vision of an at home mum in Townsville, who took a chance and created her vision for other families who seek Australian made products with high sun protection - UPF50+. This ladies name is Belinda Lochhead. She has two boys ages 4 and 6. And she has created this wonderful product for all of us to protect ourselves and our children from our powerful Aussie sun :)

When this wonderful swim shirt arrived we had to wait for the sun to come back out so that we would have an opportunity to trial it. But out it came and out came the water play :)

I loved the colour of this long-sleeved swim shirt. It was a bright pink, which looked lovely on my little girl. The shirt is made of polyester not the usual lycra that soon loses it's shape and starts to come apart. This polyester shirt is soft and bright. It also has an added sun protection feature - a high collar! A very important feature for those hot summers adventures.

Avril spent some time running around outside with Josef, jumping in out of the sprinkler. She moved around great in her swim shirt.

One thing I love about this shirt, is that I can just chuck it straight into the washing machine for a cold wash. All the other shirts we have ever purchased were lycra and needed to be rinsed and hung on the line. If they did make it into the washing machine they lost their shape and began to fall apart! But not Rudies! Belinda claims that the material that she has sourced will outlast any lycra material up to seven times! So it is a great investment for those of us with larger families :) or siblings to hand down to.

Rudie's Swim Wear starts at size 0 for babies, ladies up to size 20 and even for the men, up to size 3XL. Go ahead and take a look at Belinda's website
or check out her facebook page

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