Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Two birthdays 4 days apart!

Wow! Getting organised for two birthdays just after a big road trip!

Surprisingly, we are doing an o.k. job! Adele celebrated her 8th birthday on sunday and Josef has turned 2 today.

On sunday we seemed to spend the day eating!! We had a celebratory breakfast of bacon, eggs, mushrooms and toast. Then we were off to church. On returning from church we had a party lunch at home. Adele chose a movie and we ate! Then it was dinner and Adele had chosen that nights dinner - chicken kievs with potato bake!!! Yum!! Then we had birthday cake for dessert, holding off the icecream sundaes until the next day!! We were so stuffed by bedtime.

I think if it hadn't been raining we would have gone to a park and run around. But as it was cold and rainy, we ate and watched movies together.

Adele was very lucky because she received a gift of a barbie pool with slide, that she had her eye on. She was thrilled. She also got a packet of the 'best biscuits in the world' (scotch fingers) which is what Daddy and Adele named them when she was little :).

Adele has a clown party to look forward to on saturday!

Now Josef has had an exciting day! He woke up wondering what the fuss was all about! But soon realised that it was his day!

The morning was spent busily preparing his party, everyone chipped in helping. Damon cooked honey crackles, Adele hung balloons and Avril helped put out toys. I decorated his car cake.

I love making their cakes. On saturday I will be making a clown cake for Adele. I get very excited at each birthday, dreaming up what I can make. Today it was a car. If you want to know how to make it, check out my other post 'How to make a car cake'.

We had invited some of my good friends and their small kids around to celebrate Josef turning 2 with us. We didn't make too much fuss though. he is only 2.

The party was set up so the kids could play, catch bubbles, float boats and eat. The kids seemed to have lots of fun. I set up outside full of toys and let them run and play.

Josef was very lucky receiving his birthday gifts of books, playdough and cars. He loves his new toys. I don't think he realised they were for him!! lol. But when he did, he was very excited.

I kept the food simple this morning, with a small selection of foods for morning tea. We ate honey crackles, watermelon and kiwi, cheezels, frankfurts and sauce, fairy bread and juice. This was all finished off with birthday cake.

The birthday cake went down well, with not much wasted! (a good sign! lol). Blowing out the candles was fun. One of Josefs little friends was very good at blowing out candles :). His mum told him not to blow them out :) So he waited and waited, holding very good self-control!!! But then...he had to blow...Josef was too slow! :) It was funny. And then when Josef did blow them out (with help from mum), we missed it! But that is ok. We had fun :)lol

Now the kids had been playing with the water table during the party. Unfortunately we have little grass in one spot in our yard (as a result of our keen soccer player!). Josef was thinking it was fun to empty the water table via the plug, so the result was MUD!!! Mud, mud, glorious mud!! Poor Abbie ended up only in her nappy as she was covered!! And the other kids enjoyed getting mucky too! Mud is fun, but wow! is it mucky!! You know when kids have had fun because they are filthy!!

I carried on and forgot to move the cake onto a taller table, but this didn't bother Josef as he was still hungry! So he carried on eating :) He scraped off the icing and ate it all, leaving the cake as usual! He is like his mum, we love icing!

Then it was time for everyone to go home for naps. Josef said thankyou to all his friends. and then it was bedtime...happy sleeping Josef x

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