Sunday, 2 October 2011

The trek home.

Going home I hadn't looked at places to stop, I was focused on getting home. We had booked into The Australian Homestead Motor Inn at Gumly Gumly, just outside of Wagga Wagga. The trip out of Lilydale took us through a country drive through the Dandenong country. It was beautiful.

On arriving at Gumly Gumly we were exhausted. So we switched on the tv, ordered pizza and rested on our beds. Until we spotted a huntsman spider!! I don't like spiders and usually rely on derek to save us from them! lol But Derek wasn't there and we were not going to rest well knowing there was a creepy spider in the room! So I embarrassed myself and went in search of help. Damon was adamant that whoever was to get the spider must not kill it but take it outside. I didn't think that would happen until the owner of the motor inn turned up, grabbed with his hands and took it outside, telling me they only eat flies!! I was amazed - I don't care if they eat flies or not, I didn't want to share my bed or bag with it :).

So we ate our pizzas which were not very nice, had a hot bath and went to bed. It was my turn this stop to share a bed. Avril and I snuggled in bed that night :)

We awoke the next morning with the delicious idea that breakfast was being served in the restaurant and included in our room price. Yay! No washing bowls or cleaning up. We enjoyed a lovely brekkie and then we were on the road again.

Today was different though, we had a plan. Junee would be our stop. We were heading for Junee licorice and chocolate factory for a tour and freckle making! The kids were excited, mum was excited, Josef had no idea :) until he saw the chocolate.

The kids started by making their own chocolate freckles, not those tiny ones, a giant one! They put on their hair nets, Josef just followed on wondering what we were doing! They sat on their stools and then came the chocolate!!! A jug luscious, warm, gooey jug of melted chocolate sat in the middle of their table. They poured this onto their plates and covered this chocolate in rainbow hundreds and thousands. Josef was not catching on until the chocolate was poured in front of him. Then he was delighted, exclaiming very loudly - 'WOW!!! YUM, YUMS!!!' Then his whole faced told how he felt about this deliscious chocolate and how concerned he was when it had to be taken to the fridge.

We next excitedly found the sample jars and ordered a hot chocolate to share - hot milk with melted chocolate poured down the sides!!

We then headed to the next room for the tour. We learned about how licorice is made, the ingredients. We even sampled some licorice plant powder. It was amazing how many people were there for the chocolate and hated licorice. There were not many takers for a sample of licorice!

We next had a game of licorice bowling. The factory had made some licorice bowling balls. The aim of the game was to throw a licorice ball up to the top of the flour shoot and watch it fall on the pins below. I tried and had really bad aim missing the shoot! But Damon had good aim. Damon and Adele won the game!

We really enjoyed our stop but we had to get on the road again!

Off we set with heading to Sydney on our minds. It was going to be a very wet drive as the rain had set in and was heavy!

The kids were keen to see their cousins and I couldn't wait to catch up with my sister. The only stops we made before Mary's was a rest stop. My advice for other travellers would be to avoid these rest stops! The pit toilets smelled so bad, that I nearly threw up whilst on the toilet! I suggest stopping at a petrol station unless absolutely necessary!!

We arrived in Darlinghurst, Sydney. We were tired but thrilled to see our family. We shared a meal and we chatted before heading to a much needed rest!

Before we left the next day, unknown to me the cousins were doing school. They were doing a project on Giant Pandas. Damon and Adele were joining in. I didn't realise and headed to playgroup with my sister. When I returned Damon presented me with a beautiful poster all about the panda. He had flaps with hidden pictures and everything! It was great! he had put in a lot of effort! Well done Damon!

Then it was home time, so off we went, returning home and needing a few days to rest after such a wonderful and fun adventrue on the road!!

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