Friday, 28 October 2011

Weekly HOD Review - The Cactus Desert

We have been away at my sisters this week, house sitting as they have enjoyed time away. But we continued with a light load of school.

This week the kids have mostly done their school work in the afternoon. Which surprisingly has worked really well. Not practical for home though as we do most of our outings in the afternoons. But for now it has worked very smoothly.

We have spent the week hanging around the house and relaxing, except for the odd trip to Wow Cow for frozen yoghurt, British Lolly Shop for supplies :) and the French Patisserie for yet more yummy snacks.

We have also visited one of the local op shops searching out bargains. And we found some!!

But back to school....

We have been examining and memorising Psalm 127: 3 - 4. We have learned that children are a blessing of the Lord. And that as parents it is our responsibility to train up and teach them the Lord's ways (thankfully with God's guidance). We learned that this is because we want them to be like arrows flying straight and true.

This week the kids worked with Robert Louis Stevenson's poem 'A Good Play'. This poem was about him playing with a friend in the nursery. His friend and he had built a boat and were setting out to sea :) This poem inspired my kids to build their own boat. Their's was a house boat made out of blankets and chairs.

When I crept up and peeked into their boat I was delighted to see Avril (my 4 year old) reading a book (reading the pictures) to my 8 year old. And Adele was sitting there listening to Avrils' wonderful tale :)

They have spent the last four days assembling and disassembling their boats. At one stage it became a plane. Damon gathered his atlas, the leap frog globe and a children's atlas, plus travel books. Next they planned an itinery and off they flew to their new destination full of adventure and excitement.

I love watching them respond to their lessons in an imaginative and playful way.

They also had to rewrite some of the lines this week. And as usual they approached this challenge with excitement. They both came up with interesting poems. And Adele drew a very interesting picture of her houseboat, made out of chairs and blankets, floating in the ocean heading towards a tropical island. I was very impressed by her imagination.

Adele's poem:

We built a houseboat,
All made of chairs,
And blankets to keep us warm,
To sail across the sea,
We took some books to read,
And had the very best of plays,
But Avril bumped her head,
So there was no one left but me.

Damon's poem:

We built a plane upon my bed,
All made of blankets and filled with my mattress,
To go flying up high in the sky.
I took a blanket and my pillow,
And flew so high in the sky,
My imaginary friends jumped off at Egypt,
so no one left on the plane but me.

In science this week we explored more about the Cactus desert. The kids really have enjoyed reading the 'One Small Square' books. They started their desert scenes this week. Damon was very enthusiastic drawing many mammals on his paper. Adele took care in drawing 3 mammals on hers. And I was surprised to see some wonderful pictures. They really had taken care in their drawings. When we started homeschooling Damon didn't care much for drawing but as we have progressed he is taking more care and actually enjoying expressing himself through his drawings.

We have been learning that even in the desert, God can be relied on to bring water and meet it's needs.

Today we started their science experiment to examine how the waxy covering of the desert cactus helps it store water. We cut out the cactuses from the paper towel. We sprayed them with water. We covered one in wax paper and then placed them in the sun. Then...we forgot about them! Until they were dry. So it looks like will have to revisit this in a couple of days.

So that is our week...Bible, poetry and science (with english chucked in). A light week, but a very successful one.

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