Thursday, 3 November 2011

Neilsons' Park Bay (Shark Beach)

Wednesday was my nieces birthday and we were lucky enough to be celebrating it with her. She was allowed to pick the day's menu and we headed off on an outing - 11 kids and 5 adult - all one family :) It was great!

We started the day off with sausage bake. It tasted similar to toad in the hole (the english version) but instead of yorkshire pudding, the sausages were surrounded with bread, egg and cheese with a splash of worcester sauce.

Then it was time for our outing. Off to the beach we went! All the kids were so excited! I thought it looked a bit cold for a swim, but Avril told me she prayed that it would get warmer and you know what!, her prayer was answered! It warmed up just nicely.

So we piled into 3 cars and started the game of follow the leader through Sydney. Thankfully the traffic wasn't too bad and we didn't lose each other.

We arrived at the bay and we all piled out of our cars. We watched the kids charge down towards the bay. It was beautiful! I hadn't realised it was a bay on the harbourside. It was breathtaking.

The kids spent the time belly surfing, building a sand pool for the littlies and much to my surprise, they decided it would be the right thing to do, to save the blue bottle jelly fish! They dug a pool for these stranded jelly fish, filled it with water, then picked up the jelly fish on sticks, and revived them in the water! I bet all of those swimmers were so grateful when the waves washed them back into the bay! Thankfully they were retrieved and then buried!

If you ever visit this bay, please beware of the seagulls and ravens! They are vicious! When eating a picnic stay close together, and be on your guard! As soon as you leave your group with food on hand, along comes a gull, swooping in, pecking your head and then will try to rip your food out of your hand! And please guard your food as the ravens wait until the food is left, then swoop in, pick up light packets of food, fly off, land, then open and eat the contents! LOL never experienced anything like it!

After a lovely afternoon spent watching the kids swim and relaxing in the shade of our beach umbrella, it was time to go! Now Rebekah had forgotten her shoes. After being piggy backed over the bindi's on our way down to the beach, Adele and Rebekah came up with a new idea! "Let's share shoes"! So they both wore one shoe each! And we avoided the bindi's by taking the road!

On the way to the road we had a spillage of food. Talitha thought it would be fun to help! She picked up the Nutella, but the lid was off! And it was just too tempting, so she decided hand fulls of this lovely, chocolately substance would be just perfect in her mouth, lol.

But we made it to the car all sandy and warm, but tired from a fun afternoon. We headed off with the anticipation of a lovely roast lamb dinner followed by birthday cake, pavalova and choc ripple cake.

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