Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Another review :) Avery Peel and Stick Erase Sheets and Decal

When I received this sticky lined sheet I had many uses for it. As many mums do, I was always writing lists, timetables and reminders. I used lots and lots of paper, always re-doing all of these lists, over and over. So I had lots of paper wastage!

This Avery product has enabled me to stop using so much paper. And it has helped me to reduce the amount of paper wastage in my home.

This product uses a white board marker which can be easily erased, so enabling me to change the use of my peel and stick lined sheet. Also it doesn't have to be placed in one spot as it easily peels and sticks elsewhere for a new purpose.

The purposes I have used it for are as follows:

It serves as a great timetable for homeschooling. The kids have used it to help guide them through their day, ticking off what needs to be accomplished.

It has been a reminder board. I had a birthday present to buy and a person to phone, so I rubbed out the homeschool timetable and added the reminders.

It can also be used to encourage and leave notes for your loved ones. The great thing about them is they are can be moved into other rooms and onto a variety of surfaces to reach the person that you are trying to communicate.

This lined sheet is a great practice template for my kids handwriting and so can be easily used for homeschooling. This sheet was lined with handwriting guide lines.

If you are like me making amny notes and timetables, I would highly recommend this product.

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