Friday, 11 November 2011

A very hot, hot school week!!!

This week we read about Moses leading the Egyptians out of Egypt. The book we are reading, and that I highly recommend, is Tirzah by Lucille Travis. It is a narrative that follows the events of the Israelites in Egypt and their escape. Both my kids and myself are thorougly enjoying reading this Biblical narrative.

This week the I typed up a research sheet with the questions suggested in the Heart of Dakota manual. The kids found out all about the crook and what it was used for and by whom. They also drew themselves holding the crook surrounded by sheep.

Not only did they research about the crook, they also created one of their own this week. Both kids had to roll up some paper and use tin foil to create the hook at the top. Then they painted them with blue and yellow stripes.

As this project didn't take all week, they had an extra project to make Egyptian breads. All the kids got involved in this process, mixing and adding ingredients, then rolling out the dough. Unfortunately we managed to burn them a little, so I think we'll have to make them again.(lol)

The kids were instructed to draw Joseph and a Sphinx this week. I was impressed that there were no tears of frustration from Adele this week. She must have got used to it, at last!

Poetry went well this week with both of the children creating their own poems about the moon. I have been really impressed with how they have taken to learning poetry and really impressed with their own efforts in writing poetry.

Night time Moon

Here she goes up and around,
like a night light in the sky,
her glowing face,
her glowing arms,
what a nice time!

by Adele

The Shiny Moon

Shiny is the moon and far she glows,
Through empty dark without fright, and on the clear dark night,
more bright than sparkley eyes,
She moves around the world like she is walking,
When the light comes, the moon will lose its' sparkle of the night.

by Damon

And also by Damon some photography.

This week both my older children decided to play the teacher. They decided to teach their siblings and myself about something that interested them. Damon created worksheets about some of the birds that interest him. He read to us about these birds and helped us fill in the information on our sheets. We also had to draw a picture! The he marked them!!!

Adele created a worksheet for Avril, with tracing activities and math problems.

The littlies this week spent time playing and reading with mum. As it was hot they spent time playing in the sprinkler.

In HOD this week they did a jumping activity to see how far they could jump.

And she also did some book work.

As it was a hot week we had a couple of trips to local pools. Our favourite was the one with a small water playground. It had two small slides, a huge bucket that tipped over every few minutes, water guns and fountains. It was a real relief to cool off and have some fun with the kids.

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