Saturday, 3 March 2012

Fire Brigade well as all things school :)

This week we started off with some nature studies. We were still looking at the apple blossom, so it was time to read all about Johnny Appleseed. As I read my three youngest water painted in their nature journals.

 Here is the book that I read. Adele had to write down anything interesting she had learned about Johnny and draw a picture showing Johnny.

 The two youngest had fun this week creating with playdough.

Avril continue on with her math journey. This week we counted woodland animals and made sure to feed each of them. She also had to match quantities of food with quantities of animals.

Avril loves to colour in.

This week avril and I read Jack's Garden by Henry Cole. I love the pictures in this book. They are detailed, bold and colourful. Each page shows a stage in Jack's Garden.

As part of our garden theme,  Avril played hide the spade. I laid out 20 cabbages and hid 1 spade under a cabbage. She had to choose a number, say it and see if the spade was there.

 She also traced over the letter G.

 In reading we continued with our sound game. Avril helps her toys by listening to them speak phonetically, then grabs their card.

 Bible time using My First Hands On Bible - love it!!! And so do the kids :)

Josef spent some time stamping.

I have decided to give Damon his own study now. It is time for him to be more independent. So he has returned to finish Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures. He is doing birds. He is also doing Ancient Civilisations and the Bible, Diana Waring.

Here I found him chilling on his sisters bed reading his book The Black Stallion.

Here he is reading about birds. This week he has had to start observing birds in our environment - just an excuse for him to continue his study in that area :)

Here they are outside listening for bird calls.

And here I am taking my turn with the history reading.

For our History, Genesis to Deuteronomy and Egypt, we have started our exploration of Egypt, reading The Pharoah's of Ancient Egypt.

In science we are still exploring light and dark. This week we experimented with reflection and refraction.

Adele checking out her repeated reflection in the mirrors.

Adele placing a button in the centre of a 1/2  glass of water. The light refracts here, creating an image of two buttons.

Adele decided that she wanted to continue this exploration with her own experiment. She grabbed the tin foil and headed out into the sun. She wanted to see the sun reflect it's light off the foil onto other objects.

Even me!!!

There is always some sit down work to do - Language Arts.

 But there is always time for outings....the park after drama workshop.

Tree climbing time....

 Time with friends...

Swinging time...

 This week we decided that Avril should begin swimming lessons after her swimming race last week. So naturally the other kids had a swim too.

Josef loves the water...

Avril starting lessons...

 It was safety week so she got to try on a life jacket.

Josef discovered he could ride a noodle like a horse!!

This week the kids enjoyed an excursion to the local Fire Brigade Station. They gave the kids a presentation. A fireman dressed in his safety gear and the kids were invited to shake his hand, as some kids are frightened of the fireman when he is rescuing them, as a result of the suit and strange noise.

Avril was unsure..but Josef refused :)

But Josef was definitely impressed with the engine and the tyres!!

They were all thrilled to be able to climb into the engine.

Even Josef!!

Damon sat in the drivers seat.

Then they were called out to an emergency!!! But they came back after 10 mins to continue with us :)

One morning this week we had scrambled eggs. Josef thought it would be fun to help mum.

 Also if you have never tried banana splits for breakfast then you should...yum, yum!!

Also this week I want to thank God for making available a pair of $5 NIKE soccer boots in the op shop for Damon and a waffle machine for me. But it isn't just a waffle machine!!! It is also a sandwich maker and grill. I had never seen a waffle machine in an opshop but this morning I had a choice of two and I was silently hoping I would find one plus the boots. Thankyou God.

Here is Josef snuggling with daddy.

This week a friend of mine and I have decided to try our hand at handicrafts. We want to sell some of our items and we have come up with the name Cottage Dreams for our business. More information soon.

This is our first product a reversible half apron. We are very happy with this first project. We feel very encouraged to continue with God's blessing. Our achievement today is all down to an answered prayer. God is good :)

That is our week. If you want to read about other Homeschooling adventures head to Chestnut Grove.

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  1. what a great week, lots of fun stuff. Johnny Appleseed is a favorite of ours! Thanks for sharing at BTT!