Friday, 30 March 2012

Our Week...

We were out and about a lot this week....but first we had a day of school work :)

We have returned to Heart Of Dakota History as Adele wasn't enjoying the other history we were doing. And we only took a break from Heart of Dakota this term as I knew I wouldn't achieve as much as I would like and that would frustrate me! lol So I was happy to return to this.

In Unit 9 of Preparing we started to look at the Greeks and their gods. So we read a chapter on fairy tale gods in A Child's History of the World. Adele found it fascinating and funny reading about these idols. And Heart of Dakota always connects the Bible really well.

Adele practising her cursive handwriting...she doesn't enjoy this.

Avril continued with MEP maths, looking at horizontal and vertical lines.

Adele wrote a poem about spring in response to Autumn Fires by Robert Louis Stevenson.

All this graffiti looks terrible!!! But the kids had fun running up and down the skate ramps anyway :)

On Tuesday we headed off to meet a group of homeschoolers, who have been meeting all term. We joined in their Easter celebrations.

First a mum told the story and history of the Passover and Easter. She did this using great story telling skills, solid knowledge and a timeline with removable pictures.

Then it was Easter bonnet parade time.... Adele created a nest of robins out of pompoms.

Avril created a nest of chicks out of pom-poms.

Damon sat with a friend and watched on.

Each child was invited to speak a bit about their bonnet and then they received a certificate for participation.

Then we had a morning tea of hot cross buns.

Games were next... Chocolate egg and spoon race!!

Dress up relay!!! Damon is that a dress around your neck? Poor thing was so embarrassed!!!

Chocolate Egg Hunt!!!!

On Wednesday we met friends at a local park for a play...

Aren't they cute :)

My friend showing them the was a hot day!!!

Playgroup this week had a bring and share morning tea, so we prepared little meringue nests with cream and chocolate eggs. If I had more time, I would have sprinkled chocolate flake around the outside for a nest.

On Thursday Damon had organised a homeschool bird watching excursion. Here are the kids at the local dam checking out all of the schools of little fish.

Damon found some interesting feathers.

And we even found skeletons ...eeewwww!!!

On Friday Damon offered to vacuum and steam clean my car, so off he went...thankyou Damon!

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