Friday, 16 March 2012

Lots and lots of science!!!

We started our week doing a science experiment about air pressure. The challenge was to see how many books Adele could lift blowing into a balloon.

One book!!!

 Two books!!!

 Three books!!!

 Avril had a turn too!!

 And so did Josef!!

 How many books is that Adele?

 Blow hard Avril!!!

Damon finished off his other bird feeder using suet. Everyone wanted to get in and have a go :)

Our next experiment was to do with wind. The three youngest made boats and decorated sail.

 Then we headed outside to see what would happen when we blew on our sails.

On your marks....get set and GO!!!!

Our next experiment was about jet engines and how they use air to move themselves forward. Here is Adele threading a straw onto a piece of string.

We needed a balloon too.
 We stuck a balloon to the string, which was attached to two chairs tightly. We blew up the balloon and let it go!

And it flew across the string!

Adele then spent some time drawing the experiment and writing up her results.

Avril joined in too - drawing up her results :)

Here is Adele illustrating the story of Jesus and the storm.

We had some glorious warm weather this week, so we headed to the pool with some friends.

 Coming down the slide...

 A picnic lunch....

Avril continued with her MEP maths this week. She is doing so well. I love seeing her improve from last week. I can really see she is learning.

We continued with Free Reading too. We focused on the letter A - recognising the letter and hearing its' sound.

 This week we continued to make items for our new business Cottage Dreams. Here is my friend teaching Adele how to crochet.
 And Julia measuring out our Baby chuck cloths.
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A lot of fun science (106 Days of Creation) activity this week and lots of history readings. Another great week of homeschooling :)

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  1. Looks like you had a great time this week! Thanks for sharing with Brag Time Thursday!

  2. Oh blowing up balloons under books looks both fun and challenging when you get so many books on there! Thanks for linking up with us over at NOBH!