Saturday, 10 March 2012

A week at home...schooling :)

I am very excited this week to announce the unveiling of my new business. My friend, Julia and I have decided to start sewing items to sell. We have opened our business on facebook, Cottage Dreams - you can find us here. We are still in the process of making and uploading our products, but our page is ready to go and we are almost ready for business.

Here is Adele wearing a trial we made for a child's apron. 

And here is Adele having a go at sewing herself :)

And Avril too!! And then there is Adele triumphant with her yo-yo flower.

She wanted to trial sewing it onto one of her headbands and so here is the finished product.

Here is an apron that we have made recently. It is a reversible, half apron.

Here is Avril wearing a tutu that we made this week. She loves this tutu and has been wearing it heaps :)

Here is Adele using the sewing machine to make herself a bag.

But onto this weeks activities...
Here is Adele posing on the swings...LOL!!!

This week we continued our study on Obedience. We read passages on obedience from the Bible. Then the kids created reminder cards to stick up around the house. Each card had obedience written on it, to remind them!

Adele brought some friends to school this week and they were a great help during handwriting.

Damon very seriously doing his maths lesson.

This week we continued our investigation into light. This week we learned that light contains all colours. We read about Noah and the rainbow. We focused on the important message of the rainbow - God always keeps his promises.

Here is Adele mixing colours using red, blue and yellow.

Next Adele had to use the colours red, blue and yellow to create  orange, green and purple. She used these colours to make a rainbow.

Adele continued with her colour experiment. She created a pin wheel divided into the colours of the rainbow. This experiment helped to show her that light contains all colours.

Adele tested out her pin wheel and then wrote up her experiment.

Damon continued with his bird studies.

Damon went out to list his local bird observations.

Damon continued his investigations into Ancient Civilisations and the Bible.

Adele decided that painting was fun and continued with her own creation.

Then it was time for a snack break...s'mores granola bars!!! and milk.

We continued our investigation into colour searching nature for interesting things to sketch. The challenge was to try to recreate natures colours with the paints.

Avril's sketch of her clover.

Adele's painting of one of our pretty weeds :) I love this painting.

Then they used nature to create prints - leaf prints.

And here is mum's effort :) See my strawberries.

Adele's raspberry picture that was created using a strawberry print!

Avril continued on with MEP maths. This week she continued to look at horizontal and vertical lines, left and right.

Avril wanted to write the date. I think she did a great job :)

Avril had to place lines in front and behind the hedgehog. And she had to join up the dots and discuss which was the longest or shortest route.

Here is Avril playing our rhyming game for language Arts (Free-Reading). She had to point to a part of her body and we had to think of a rhyming word. We all took turns.

We finished on study on Day One of creation and moved onto day two. We learned that the area between the waters is air. So we did an experiment to see what would happen if we starved this flame of air (oxygen).

The whole family was interested in this experiment. Here it is alight.

Here the jar is filled only with nitrogen and the flame has gone out.

We had to repeat this a few times :)

Josef and Avril enjoyed floating toothpicks in the coloured water afterwards.

This week we had time to play a few family board games...

We had time to make our own Poptarts and they were great!

There was time for snuggles...

And there was time for more hands on learning....

We continued our investigations into the Apple Blossom by an apple tasting experiment. We selected 4 different types of apples. We observed their shape, colour, name and taste.

We had no idea that they would all taste so different!! And Adele thinks that Red Delicious have skins that taste like grass!! We all agreed that Pink Lady was the best.

Avril continued on with math. She focused on behind, in front, above and below.

We played a game using directions like left, right, five....etc. "Put up your right leg"

Show me one finger...

Let's count how many times you jump!!

Then she had to use a page with five lines drawn on it. Again using food!! Avril followed directions to place jelly beans on certain the left or the right, above or below. She also worked on continuing patterns, adding biscuits and coins to her page.

Then we moved onto colour and shapes. She had to draw in a certain colour a number of shapes to the left or right of a particular line.

Damon kept on going with his bird studies...

This week he was required to make a bird feeder..

It got too messy indoors!! So off they went outside!! :)

Here is the finished product hanging in our tree.

Adele moved onto air they are feeling air pressure through straws.

They learned that when they suck through a straw the weight of the air above the liquid pushes on the surface of the liquid, so the air pressure pushes the liquid up the straw.

Next was the water experiment. Will it work? Is air pressure greater than water pressure?

The air pressure wins!!! It pushes the card upward toward the glass.

Our next experiment was to suspend two ping-pong balls from the ceiling. We had to blow the balls through the straws to try to force them apart. We found out the harder we blew the closer they came because the faster moving air was on the outside pushing them together.

In history we read about Abram. We read about Lot and Abram parting company. Adele and I had to think about what character traits Abram showed in this passage. This is what we came up with.

I was very lucky this week as I was chosen to trial StyleTread's service and products. I have to say I was really impressed..once I found the shoes I was looking for it was a breeze and very quick transaction, quick delivery and great, comfy product :)

I never buy shoes like this. I am usually very practical when buying shoes :) And they surprised me by being comfortable.

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  1. what a lot of great fun!! all of you are so talented! Thanks for sharing at BTT

  2. Looks like a great week! I love the items you've sewed -- hope your new business goes well! Thanks for linking up to NOBH :)