Friday, 23 March 2012

Roll up, roll up....our homeschool week!!!

This has been another busy week :)

On Monday we headed out to a circus workshop at our local PCYC. The kids had heaps of fun learning circus moves and tricks.

 Here is Damon and a friend practising their dramatic Circus Master poses.

 Here are Damon and Adele (below) practising some circus moves.

That's it Adele...more technique than muscle :)

 Damon and friend try to toss the stick between them.

 Practise makes perfect!!

Circus group acrobatics!!!

Josef decided to join in group activities.

That's it Adele!!! Learning to ride a unicycle!!

More circus acrobatics!!

And finally a circus performance!!

We didn't do much sit down learning this week. But the little we did do was fun. This week Adele learned about clouds. Here she is painting our sky.
 This week we also looked at what our names meant as well as a few Bible men like Moses. Adele really enjoyed that activity and spent a lot of time playing with the on-line name dictionary.

This week Adele has started a sewing project. She decided to make a doll but that has now changed into an Easter bunny :)

Here she is cutting out her doll.

 The eyes are attached.

This week I had a go at making some bow clips for Cottage Dreams. The girls love them and have been wearing some. Here is one in Adele's hair.

At the end of the week we headed to a local nature sanctuary. The kids had a few animal encounters.

 Checking out the black swan...

 Looking for ducks and turtles...

Climbing trees....

Playing on the playground....

Josef loved the turtles. They kept sticking their faces out of the water and Josef thought this was delightful!!

And just as we were leaving, a Lace Monitor showed up and strolled through the picnic area!!! The kids were very excited!!

I didn't take many photos this week. We thoroughly enjoyed our outings this week...joining the circus and getting up close and personal with God's creatures.

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  1. Wow, lots of fun gross motor activity!! What a neat workshop, thanks for linking up at BTT!!