Saturday, 7 April 2012

Nearly time for a break....

This week we took it easy. 

Adele had her drama showcase showing us what she had learned in her 9 week course. Here they are performing Bob The Builder. Adele is a plank of wood!

 They also performed Peppa Pig. The kids decided what they wanted to perform and how. Here they are taking a group bow.

The rest of the week has been spent making Easter eggs (or trying!!). The kids enjoyed getting in on the action :)

Josef attempting to make chocolates!!! But the spoon kept ending up in his mouth!! lol

Avril carefully adding the coloured details to her rabbits.

And just as I turned away, off comes the top from the red food colouring - Josef!!!

 Avril's ready to put them in the fridge.

 And later on they were ready!!! Well Done!!

 Here are the girls making Cadbury's Creme Egg Muffins...they were so good!!

This week the frogs weren't around to be played with, so the girls decided to play with the hairy caterpillars that decided to visit instead.

Spot the Caterpillar!!

Then they invited some friends to join in the caterpillar fun!!

The girls have also been making water pistols out of balloons this week. Adele came up with many different designs, here is Avril using one to water paint. earlier in the week they made dolls out of balloons, tying some together.

A relaxing week, getting ready to remember Jesus's sacrifice for us all. Thankyou Jesus!! 

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