Friday, 11 May 2012

Friday Favourite Finds....

Food First....

Fresh Pumpkin Pie - Gluten Free....Gluten Free Girl and the Chef!!!

I made this pie this week and wow!!! It is yummy! I used tapioca flour and brown rice flour as my gluten free flours. I couldn't roll out my dough so I just pushed it into the pan :) And it turned out fine.

Via School Adventures on Pinterest

This is also from Gluten Free Girl and the Chef!! I made these too and they were moist and the most delicious brownies ever!!!

brownies — oh my god brownies

via School Adventures on Pinterest

We have fallen in love with these for a lunch treat!!! Banana and Chocolate Tortillas!! from Sunshine Mom.

via School Adventures on Pinterest.

Raspberry Rolls with Lemon and Vanilla Icing from Food of Love

via School Adventures on Pinterest

Strawberry and Rhubarb Risotto from Tasty Kitchen

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Now for School...

Pioneer Crafts.... from The Crafty Crow...a great selection!!!
The Crafty Classroom covered wagon

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I found this great hand washing experiment from Aussie Pumpkin Patch!!! And I tried it out whilst babysitting!! It worked a treat...the little boy has told his mummy that there are lots of germs on his hands even though you can't see them and so he needs soap and warm water to wash his hands :)

You lather their hands in vaseline and then sprinkle on nutmeg or cinnamon. Tell them to wash their hands as normal :) Then show them how to whilst talking about germs.

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Turn chores into fun...from Picassa album - Jolanthe....

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Eric Carle Art Inspired Lessons from Deep Space Sparkle....

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  1. Those raspberry rolls and the banana chocolate!!!

  2. Those raspberry rolls look incredible - wow!
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