Thursday, 3 May 2012

Getting back into a routine :) At Last!!

This week Adele has shown signs of developing a love for reading last!! She has started reading Little Women. She loves snuggling into my blankets and reading a chapter or two!!!

This week in Primary Language Lessons Adele has been learning about when to use A and An. I love that PLL is so gentle but challenging. She also wrote a story using a picture study about a dog saving a girl from drowning.

Avril declared this week that she wants to learn to read quickly!! So we have pulled out Teaching Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. She is picking this up really well. I still love FreeReading but she wanted to go more quickly so we are trying something different.

Avril practised writing the letter M this week and after several M's later, Avril had started to write her M's pretty well.

We continued MEP maths. This week it was Ann's birthday. We counted candles, glasses, people, napkins etc. Avril had to draw in the right amount of napkins. She also talked about in front of and behind, above and below.

Tracing and colours...

Drawing in the facial features that were missing...

The MEP family were now out in the garden. Here we counted, added and subtracted. We traced over lines.We also coloured in red and yellow flowers, but we needed more red flowers than yellow.

Avril had to talk about the different body parts that we have and how many of each. Then she had to draw on the missing parts. She found this frustrating as she wanted her drawing to perfect like the picture!!!

At the beginning of the week we had a dental appointment. The dentist gave them masks and gloves...

During Bible time this week we used Five in a row Bible supplement. This week we looked at a God of Order. Here is Adele reading Genesis 1 and 2 for us.

Avril wanted to take a photo of us!!

Adele continued with her cursive writing. I think she is doing quite well.

We started our Art books this week too. How Great Thou Art - Little Lambs and Lambs book. First Adele had to colour in the word colour.

Here is Adele drawing in the word Colour!! Yes I know it is the American spelling for all my Aussie readers. We did talk about that :)

She then had to think about how she would colour in her word. They talked about warm and cool colours. Adele chose cool colours.

Avril had a clown activity. She had different facial parts that she had to copy into the clown face.

Avril desperately wanted a game of Snap, so we had fun playing a few games!!! We love Snap!

This week we started Gymnastics with the homeschool community. After Josef having a go on a few things, I was told that he wasn't suppose to! So then I spent the rest of the time trying to keep him off! lol

Avril was a bit timid to begin with, but afterwards she was raving about it!! She loved it! 

Warming up and learning movement names.





The girls also started a fortnightly PCYC games morning this week. They had a great time but poor Avril got a ball in the face :(. Our homeschool community is so fantastic that there are always activities to attend...sometimes too many choices :)

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  1. Lots of great stuff! Thanks for linking up at BTT!! Those pictures make me want to get my boys back into gymnastics!!

  2. It is so exciting to see our children develop new skills, isn't it?
    How wonderful you have such a love for homeschooling!

  3. I do find home schooling very exciting...watching my children explore and blossom. I love watching them develop passions and skills...the excitement on their faces :) It all really is so great! I just thank God that I have the privilege to stay home with my kids.

    Thanks for dropping by :)