Friday, 11 May 2012

Another great week...

We have had a wonderful week!!!

We started out babysitting two adorable kids. here is the little girl helping me make honey crackles.


Here is the little boy showing us where different countries are on our globe.

Good Job!!

They loved helping us water our plants.

Then it was time to paint some masterpieces....

Adele asked if we could enjoy an English breakfast this we did!!! It was yummy and just the right start to a cold morning :)

In FIAR this week we are slowly rowing Madeline. A suggestion for an activity is to discuss why major cities are often situated on a river. We did discuss this, but thought it would be great to discover how our local town used to make use of it's river.So off we headed to discover information about our local river and its' history.

Writing information about flooding. Drawing pictures of the river flooded.

The kids also explored the environment. They investigated seed pods, leaves, insects and grasses.

Tickle Sticks!!! And that is just what they were used for!!!

Josef enjoyed playing in the autumn leaves!!!

They all enjoyed sketching their discoveries...

And using the water colours :)

The boys had a great time hanging out!!!

And we all enjoyed a picnic lunch...

Then we headed to the library for some extra information and stories about our local area in the past.

Is that heavy Josef???? A bag full of library books!

The rest of the week we spent doing our home...schooling :)

Avril continued on with her art book - How Great Thou Art - Little Lambs book. See her stick ballerinas...and worms on logs...and seasons pictures.

Mummy had to join in too!!! lol

She decided this week that she preferred FreeReading (and I agree), so we continued with A and M letter recognition and sounds.

Handwriting practice of the sounds :)

MEP maths is still a favourite...matching shapes and finding the same and differences.

Left and right, hot and cold....
Math U See is brilliant!!! Here is Adele watching her lesson :)

Adele is enjoying learning colour theory. This week she focused on primary colours and secondary colours. She had to colour in her picture with red, blue and yellow, then outline her picture in blue.

One of the FIAR activities that Adele did this week was to write a rhyming story, like Madeline.  Adele surprised me by doing a really great job at this!!! And very easily too!!

And just before dinner she came to me requesting to publish her story!!! I was shocked!! And very excited to see her keen to learn. She has even requested that on saturday!!!...we do our germ experiment!!! Wow!! I love FIAR!!!

She has even started keeping a poetry book now motivated by this activity!!
Another activity this week was to look at the architecture of Paris. The girls and I decided to tackle a wafer biscuit model of the Eiffel Tower!!! This did not go well! The towers kept falling as it was a warmish day! The girls got frustrated....but mum got determined and found a picture on the internet. Then we had a wafer biscuit Eiffel Tower!! Yay!!

There has also been lots of play...

Then it was gymnastics....the girls love learning these new skills...

Their favourite is the foam pit!!!

Fridays are our days to hang out with friends...

We all helped make chocolate and banana tortillas with cinnamon sugar. They were good!!

A great week again!!!

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  1. Okay, It's official . . . I want to live at your house!!! What a great week! I, too was raised on a river. Everything, every activity revolved around that river, but we didn't know any of its background. What fun it would have been to learn more! thank you so much for sharing on NOBH!!!

  2. Looks like so much fun! And lots of learning too! Thanks for sharing on NOBH.

  3. Wow! I am exhausted just seeing all you have done! Looks like a wonderful and productive week! Thanks for sharing with BTT!

  4. Thanks guys!! We are very active. I think it is just my personality. I like to explore and try new things. Thankfully my kids seem to love this approach too :) or I'd have trouble!!! lol!