Friday, 18 May 2012

Germs...germs everywhere!!!

This week Adele and I worked out her feelings after Damon returning to school. She had felt that maybe she would like to return. This was heartbreaking for me :( So much so I didn't sit and talk with her about it straight away! I was trying other ways to deal with it! Until a wise friend said "just sit and talk with her"...duh!!! Why hadn't I? I think it was fear that she too would be off to school. But after just five minutes of a heart to heart, Adele has returned to her normal bubbly, happy self, and has settled back down well.

Adele pointed out that she felt that she needed me to sit with her a little more during school. Also she didn't like her cursive book, she found the style to be frustrating. So we hopped on line and she designed her own handwriting sheets in pink and purple. She also chose the cursive style. She is much happier and she is being more careful with her handwriting now :) She even designed one worksheet that said, I love Mum xoxo!!! I am glad she is happier and next time I need to stop and talk, not panic and rush around trying to find a solution!!

Below are Josef and Avril washing my cupboard doors. They insisted that they wanted to do it :)

Adele and I worked on our Bible Studies using Genesis to Deuteronomy and Egypt. This week we read about Abraham pleading for Sodom. Adele and I discussed the character traits of Abraham in this passage. ( Genesis 18: 16 - 33.)

Here is Adele doing her new handwriting sheet, english and her maths.

In FIAR this week we continued plodding along with Madeline. We carried on with our germ topic. Adele finished her rough copy of her magazine about germs.

We also continued reading about germs.

 Avril joined in too...she made a poster of a happy and sad person. One had washed their hands and they were healthy. The other one hadn't and he was sick.

Avril continued on with her MEP maths. Below she is showing me her two eyes and two ears.

One head....and matching organs to different objects...hear, see, smell, and taste.

Above Avril is cutting strips of paper that she will turn into different sized circles, in order to create a snail.

Avril continues on with FreeReading activities. She learned to pronounce words in their single sounds. FreeReading teaches the child to tap their shoulder for one sound, their elbow for the next and lastly their hand.... C-A-T. Below I am helping Avril. 

She is also continuing to practice her handwriting.

Damon has rediscovered his love for good Christian music and decided to share it with his brother and sisters. This included a great singing and dancing session!!! :)

As well a school lots of play has been happening...Cubbies!!!

ABC laptop....

 This week I introduced the family to a whole food diet. And surprisingly this has gone brilliantly! Here they are eating peanut butter and banana tortilla spirals, raw vegies and dip. Check out

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  1. Lots of great pictures. SOmetimes we forget that our children just need to talk and we just need to listen and it will all be alright in the end. Been there myself a few times. this parenting stuff ain't easy:) thanks for sharing on the NOBH

  2. Love all the learning! Thanks for sharing with BTT!